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Welcome To The SCFD Clan Site

Welcome To The SCFD Clan Site

Scified2014-04-17 07:36:57
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The SCFD clan is Scified's official gaming clan. Currently we only play across two games - Grand Theft Auto Online and Halo 4, both on the Xbox 360. Yet we have grown to 16 members strong. Current members of the SCFD clan on GTA Online are...

  • Chris Picard - ChrisScified
  • Gavin Singleton - Snorkelbottom
  • Freeze - SciFreeze
  • Spooky Mr X - Spooky Mr X
  • Chris Capster
  • awesomecats123
  • Commanche30078
  • Hike12f4
  • Scifiking
  • Shainlover123456
  • ThomasRand
  • Vixy89
  • AcquiredBark729
  • Killers303
  • zestyGHOSTRIDER1(If you want your gamertag and/or a link to your profile posted above PM me the details)

This site will be used to post clan news, announcements, organized events and even competitions, from us here on the posts and by you, our fellow clan members in the threads below; where you can also post pics and videos of your gameplay or ask fellow clan members for advice, tips and assistance, either in the above mentioned games or others.

Wanna join the SCFD clan, or even expand the clan onto the PC, WiiU and/or PS3/4. Contact us on the SCFD Thread or by PM and we'll add your name to the list.



Freeze begs Chris not to jump!


Snorkelbottoms sex change!


Spooky Mr X asleep at the wheel!

Written by GavinPublished on 2014-04-17 07:36:57
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Aug-14-2016 3:52 PM

I didn't know this was a thing I just joined the gta crew and my friend just discovered it in 2016

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