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7 more godzilla posters

Please try not to post "lazy links". Take some time, add some text and maybe an image? Makes the topic more engaging that way.

Godzilla 2014 is more popular than The Avengers!!!

The superhero movie market is so saturated right now. Audiences starting to get sick of them, I know I am. Godzilla is going to kill it, and spawn a new age of giant monster movies. Superheroes will soon take the back seat and true Sci-Fi will own the market in Hollywood. It's a good time to be Scified haha ;)

Ask Dark Horse Comics your questions about their new AvP & Prometheus comic series!

Just got the answers back from Dark Horse, will be posting them up shortly along with a few exclusive panels from the upcoming Prometheus comic!

Is Godzilla shrinking in the movie? A Theory of mine.

Cool it Junkerde. You're treading the fine line of instigation. Attack the topic, not the individual.

New wondercon footage!

As with the other topic, I need to close this down and ask that people not share any links or embed the leaked wondercon footage anymore on these forums, at request of Warner Bros.

Godzilla 2014 - Trailer Mash-Up

That's actually really well done! Love the pacing and the music you chose, very fitting and quite a contrast to how the official trailers were put together. Nice work!

Jurassic World (Jurassic Park 4) Cast and Characters

OP updated with all current cast and bios.

whos ready for an eclipse cuz i know i'am

This is quite off topic, so I'm gonna movie it to the Community Hub forum on Scified, for ore general discussion. But Junkerde, no need for the inflamatory statements, I just finished talking about that yesterday. No more of that.

Final Warning

Thanks everyone, happy to see most of you are on board. I want this place to be the most positive,most welcoming Godzilla forum on the net, and the only way it's going to attain such a title is by the members' actions. So thank you for making the effort to keep this place lively and fun.

@durp004 - Yes, we'll be going through and doing some "spring cleaning" of old, locked, pointless topics soon.


That is rad. Where did you find that? ;)

Didn't Rogue Games miss some questions?

Yeah, unfortunately I couldn't submit every single question. I did my best to select the ones which I think everyone would've been most eager to know the answers to. Like the one about the atomic breath. ;)

We might do another interview down the road, who knows!

Ask Dark Horse Comics your questions about their new AvP & Prometheus comic series!

No problem! And hopefully will have it online soon. Had to add some extra questions of my own to the mix. :)

Something I've been wanting to do.

@Dragonlord Tevlin, I know you make posts like that just to see what kind of rouse you can get out of us, and that's fine. But just to clarify your passive aggressive points, when you search for Godzilla 2014 news, what sites come up first? When you look on Facebook for pages other than the official outlets, which pages do you find actively sharing NEWS? 

I just think it's funny you consider us a social outlet and that's it. You don't see many other kaiju related, let alone Godzilla related sites, actively promoting and reporting news like us. We act as a double platform - providing a kick ass social environment for hard core fans as well as a news platform to keep everyone informed. Just sayin'. ;)

@GorillaWhale, I know! It seems like forever ago that news would come in once a month. I remember when filming started and we saw a pic of a crashed helicopter and people were going nuts, being like "Godzilla used his atomic breath to burn that!" haha, people were so hungry for any info they could get their hands on and now we've got so much we can barely keep track of it all! 

We have come a long way and we'll continue to grow as we await the all but confirmed sequels, without a doubt.

Multiple shots of an upcoming Godzilla 2014 toy/model.

This is front page worthy I think. Nice find KaijuJira!

Ask Dark Horse Comics your questions about their new AvP & Prometheus comic series!

@Agent Texx your post made me laugh, hahaha.

The engineers influence on Zoroaster(zarathustra) .

Pulserifle187, you my friend just earned a new follower. This is a great post, and I agree with your theory. Makes a lot of sense!

Ask Dark Horse Comics your questions about their new AvP & Prometheus comic series!

I'm happy to reveal that Dark Horse just sent me a selection of new previews for the upcoming Prometheus comic! They look great, and I'll be including them with the interview. Thanks to everyone who has submitted questions so far! Keep them coming!

DrewBarrymore cries during Gdzilla footage.

Hey, sweet find! A couple things, #1- Do you have a link to the Yahoo article? #2 - welcome to the site! and #3 - don't neglect spell check, it's a wonderful tool.

enough is enough

Well,if your topics were posted last week, they could have been lost when we migrated to our new server. I did warn everyone that some topics might've been lost and some definitely were. As for your cover photo and profile pic, if you had updated them after the migration had begun as well, then the same thing would have happened. Nobody deleted them, you probably were one of the unlucky few who happened to be posting while on the "old" server. I do spologize for this, and we did try to limit as much database by starting the migration process late at night, but unfortunately some content was lost.

enough is enough

Um dude, if you were banned you wouldn't be able to post this topic in the first place. So, what exactly is the problem? Also, this would've been more appropriate to discuss in private messaging unstead of a forum topic.

Alternate Deacon Fan Art

Wow, really amazing work, thanks for sharing it with us!

Prometheus Ship Wallpaper

Love this artwork!


Godzilla is a male in this film I believe. Gareht refers to Godzilla as "Him"or "He" during interviews. So I think that's enough evidence. 

OT - So how old are you guys anyway?

21 here.

Godzilla vs King Kong---The Remake!

This is perfect! XD Hahahaha

Your Gut Reaction

I'd vow never to try shrooms again.

My sincerest apologies to Warner & Legendary as well as the forum

Thankfully the link was fake, so no harm done. But I do appreciate you acknowledging that posting pirate links is wrong. Hopefully others see this and know to avoid such wesbites and just enjoy the film in the theater the way it was intended. :)

Why it would be a good thing if starwars 7 was rated PG

They probably will be, as Gavin already stated, every Star Wars film was rated PG so far, I don't see that trend changing for Episode VII.

Something new everyday!

I'm anticipating Sideshow's collectible reveals soon... which will be jaw dropping and amazing and wallet destroying....

Godzilla\'s Roar in Hardee\'s Commercial

No need for name calling. I've edited out the insults you originally had in your post. Please refrain from lashing out like that again.

neca ghost Godzilla 2014

It wasn unpainted... No Godzilla ghost figures...

Contest entries

If this is a part of another topic you've already started, I'm going to ask that you edit the OP and add a link to it. Repeating a topic, especially with such little description is pointless.

Going to lock this now. 

Godzilla 2014 3D Modeling (WIP2)

Making good progress! Looking good!

Addressing a Problem

Members are more than welcome to post whatever they want on their own personal Scified Site as long as it remains within our code of conduct. Posting a Rex vs. Spinosaurus topic on a personal Scified Site is totally fine.

It's the forum discussions about said topic which has been discussed to exhaustion. The debate will always be one that fans feel the need to address, but what Mr. Happy and the rest of our moderating team ask is that members continue the discussion in the original topic for it, not create new topics or continue the debate on existing topics which weren't about that particular discussion. That's all.

WTF Alien Isolation Really

Seriously? Alien Isolation looks like one of the only games in the last 10 years to do the Alien franchise any justice... Not sure if your post is serious or not.

What is that? A new possible Godzilla book?

I've got a contact at Titan Books who sends me cool preview copies of upcoming novels from time to time... I'll send him an email and see what he can tell me about the one spotted in this pic. Will report back once I have something!

My Godzilla and MUTO Artwork. (Godzilla and Muto locked in battle)

This is awesome! Amazing work and welcome to the forums! :)

IGN Rodan theory

Just a reminder to everyone heckling people who think Rodan is in the film - stop. Everyone is entitled to a theory and an idea here. None of us have seen the film, so nobody can 100% say yes or no to any of these assumptions. Just because it's severely unlikely does not mean it's a stupid discussion. Remember to attack the topic, not the individual. Thank you.

When are we going to get some promo pics from NECA For Godzilla 2014 toys

Yes, the answer is March 14th, NECA had tweeted to a fan asking that very same question. 

M.U.T.O Create MUTOs in hopes that they will destroy Godzilla - One point of speculation.

hahaha, TDK reference was funny. Yeah, I'm not sure. Aside from the [SPOILER]




Nautilus falls line in the draft sheet which leaked months ago, I don't see Godzilla dying. Hybernation is definitely an option. Perhaps they try bombing him after they submerge him in one of the giant sinkholes?

I'm also not keen on the Baby Godzilla concept. I would much rather them explain that there are pockets under the Earth that contain sparse echosystems, which contain massive, prehistoric creatures, and that Godzilla is one of a few different types. That would set up both Godzilla for a sequel AND an origin for any future Monsters.

M.U.T.O Create MUTOs in hopes that they will destroy Godzilla - One point of speculation.

Indeed, I hope it doesn't reveal too much though. I like there to remain some mysteries by the end of the film. Something we can wonder about and debate on until the sequel(s) come around. Contrary to modern movie-goers, I don't want to be spoon fed all the answers. I want to think and use my imagination. It's what makes film so powerful and so memorable.

Jurassic World Script "Sides" Leaked

I rarely run with script leaks for news. I'm going to hold off for now, but it looks neat. I especially like the second "leak", the story about the snake and mouse, adds a creepy factor. I hope these are legit!

Possible leads on the story of Godzilla 2014

You know, you're the second person to have said that the MUTO are modernized classic Monsters, and Gigan, Megalon and Kamacuras were also hinted a by the last person to reveal they had some inside info. Many here scoffed at the idea, claiming BS, but you know I'm not gonna be so quick to deny it.

I spoke to the GM at my local theater and he said they just got a new Godzilla trailer like this past week. Aside from that he didn't know much though unfortunately.

I expect the atomic breath might be like how it was in the 1954 original, not so much a straight beem, but more so like a ray of atomic heat, which disperses as it's released. Either way it sounds great!

We know so far that quite a few private screenings have been held, Slash even commented after seeing an early version. Said it was badass and epic. 

Do I think you're making this up? Naw, I'll give any idea a go and it would certainly be pretty sweet if you were right. It would also tie in nicely to Edwards' plans to make a "Destroy All Monsters" sequel. I'd pay mad money to see that.

We are all fans of Big G in the end

Yeah, nobody's been banned here for joking around. You have to be a real ass hat to get banned from here. Haha

15 Years Ago... THIS is what happened.

quote: this is the kind of shit that gets this site eye rolled by some other communities, of course it isnt anything to do with 98 zilla, also because 15 years ago wasnt 1998, it was 1999

@Junkerde, Jeeze man, it's a joke, hahaha. XD

With all the trolling people have done to us, I think I'm within my rights to have some fun with this. Haha Those taking this seriously, come on. It's just a funny coincidence. 


15 Years Ago... THIS is what happened.

Well, nobody knows when Cranston's speech is given, it could've been given in 2013 (which is also when they woudl've actually recorded it). Which would line the dates up perfectly.

15 Years Ago... THIS is what happened.

I know, just thought it was a funny coincidence, hahaha. I knew it would ruffle some feathers. ;D

15 Years Ago... THIS is what happened.

If the two are connected in some way, it would certainly draw some attention and consideration for this scene in the Godzilla (2014) teaser trailer:


... which closely ressembles this scene from Godzilla '98:


Interesting, no?

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