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Doomfist coming to Overwatch!

Doomfist coming to Overwatch!

Scified2017-07-06 16:17:31
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Blizzard Entertainments Overwatch is possibly one of the best First Person Shooter (FPS) games available. Because of the games team based gameplay whereby no duplicate instances of any of the characters can be used by a team, Overwatch eliminates one of the major issues that plague FPS games; over-reliance on a single weapon type. Call of Duty players prefer their no-scope one-hit-kill sniper rifles, Gears of War players prefer their devastating shotguns and Halo players seem to prefer the Battle Rifle. Safe to say that with each of these games featuring a plethora of awesome weaponry it is puzzling why the developers of these games don't modify (nerf) these weapons and encourage players to use a different weapon, or two. Thankfully Overwatch characters each have their own weapon, abilities and special attacks and like as with a fighting game, players need to learn the tactics and strategies for at least a handful of the characters so that they can effectively play the needed role in a team.

Another cool thing about Overwatch is that all of its new content is released in free updates, meaning players don't have to spend a small fortune on a season pass, although players can spend extra money on buying Loot Chests, in the hope of unlocking one of the many cosmetic extras for the characters, some of which are only available for a limited period. Overwatches adoption of GTA Online and Minecraft's long term microtransaction model seems to be the preferred way forward with the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront II adopting a similar system.

Recently developer Blizzard added the new Lunar Base arena to Overwatch, as well as a selection of small maps for elimination games. Following the recent limited period availability of cosmetics for the games "Anniversary", developer Blizzard has released the long-awaited character Doomfist into the game's test servers, which suggests that the character will be available to all players next week. Sadly though Doomfist will not be voiced by Expendables and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crewes as fans had hoped, and the star had rallied for.

Regardless, the inclusion of a new attack based character with a devastating area-of-effect Ultimate attack should make matches a little more interesting. At least once the novelty of a new character has worn off, that is.

Written by GavinPublished on 2017-07-06 16:17:31
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