Star Trek Entertainment and Merchandise

Star Trek Entertainment and Merchandise

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We have all wished to ride far across the galaxy and beyond with the spaceships from Star Trek. we grew up admiring.  What if it were possible to get a similar close to experiencing to that? Well, you can get the adrenaline rush experience of Captain Kirk or Captain Picard in other formats including rides, playing slots, and star Trek board-themed games.

Star Trek Park Rides

Get to experience how it feels like to fly through the galaxy at warp speed on thrilling Star Trek roller coasters or park attractions. One of the ways to get the thrill of a star trek ride is in Movie Park, Germany where you can find the Star Trek: Operation Enterprise Ride.

The park launches an inverted half-spin roller coaster. From there, the train is moved laterally from the station onto a launch track, where it shoots forwards and then backward along a section of track, ascending a vertical twisted spike in reverse and then shooting forwards with sufficient velocity to clear a top hat. Following the Immelmann is a flying snake dive and a corkscrew.


On the ride, there are a few turns and small hills, and at one point, you pass through a building that resembles a Borg cube.

The line is beautifully decorated with Star Trek references, and the Federation Plaza is nice, but everything seems a little too plain.

The pre-boarding show is an extremely cool feature that had been eliminated due to COVID. The queue also has an attractive motif. The ride is not frightening, but it is enjoyable. The backward spike is particularly impressive when viewed from the back row. 

The drop from the top hat provides some airtime, while the comfortable blue-fire-style trains and lap bars make for an enjoyable ride. The beginning with the switch track is very impressive, as the entire train moves sideways and almost silently towards the launch track. It will be a ride but trust me, totally worth it. 

Star Trek Board Games

What could be more enjoyable if you are all avid Star Trek fans than playing Star Trek tabletop games? Some excellent Star Trek-themed sci-fi board games will immerse you in the Star Trek universe and provide a fun challenge.

Here are the top Star Trek tabletop games to get you into the spirit.

Looney Labs Star Trek TNG Fluxx

The card game is enjoyable for both children and adults. This game comes with a rule card that can be altered for each game. Consequently, every game you play will be distinct from the last. It takes 10 and 40 minutes to play, and two to six players can participate simultaneously. This makes it a wonderful way to spend an evening in peace.

Gale Force Nine Star Trek Ascendancy

In this exciting game, the galaxy can be shaped however the player desires. It is home to the Federation, the Romulan Empire, and the Klingon Empire, three of the most recognizable races. The game requires at least three players and is suitable for those older than 14. In addition, it is a fun game for those who wish to learn more about the Star Trek universe.

USAopoly Star Trek Panic Board Game

In the game, the USS Enterprise model is utilized. Choose a character and collaborate with the rest of the crew to prevent aliens from seizing control of your ship. One of the ship's hulls must always be secure. If you lose all six pieces, the game is over. This game is suitable for individuals over the age of 13.

Modiphius Games Star Trek Adventures Starter Set

This collection is ideal for individuals who have never played Star Trek games. This is a three-part tale set on the final frontier of the Galaxy. It is ideal for gamers who are new to the Star Trek franchise or unfamiliar with it. This game is appropriate for children aged 14 and older.

Star Trek The Next Generation

This game was designed for Star Trek enthusiasts who know everything about the popular television series. It tests your knowledge of the show. The objective of the game is to discover new inhabited locations. There must be a minimum of two and a maximum of four players. It is appropriate for those over 12 years old.

Star Trek Slots

Fans of the show can follow the exploits of the Enterprise crew by spinning the reels and winning cash prizes within New York betting sites or various casinos.

One of these slots is Star Trek: The Next Generation from Skywind. This game uses a 5x4 reels structure and has 50 fixed paylines. Being an online casino licensed game, Skywind’s slot utilizes music, character art, and video clips from the Star Trek: The Next Generation show. You can even see the Enterprise at the top screen cruising space.

Crew members are the high-valued symbol of the slot with Captain Picard paying you 750 times your wager if you manage to match five of his symbols. However, nothing matches the Enterprise wild symbol itself in value since it can substitute other symbols except for the scatter symbols. If you manage to match five Enterprises, you get 5,000 times your wager.

Star Trek: The Next Generation slot has a base feature called Enterprise Respins. This feature is triggered when an enemy ship symbol appears. During this mode, you receive five free games and have wild symbols appear at random places around the reels every time the Enterprise shots down an enemy. Apart from random wilds, each succeeding spin will have a bet multiplier. When you reach your fifth re-spin, you get a 5x multiplier with your wins.

When you match three Federation scatter symbols, you trigger the Transport Free Game mode that grants you 15 free spins. During this mode, the Enterprise Stacked symbols come into play that acts as stacked wild symbols. When a stacked symbol appears on two spaces within the reels, a Special Nudge mechanic pushes the symbol down or up to fill out the entire column. If you match three more Federation symbols, you can retrigger this mode and get more free spins.

Star Trek Mobile Apps

You've just binge-watched the Star Trek series and still feel the adrenaline calling out for more star trek. Fortunately, you get to control and be your favorite star trek characters as gaming avatars on sci-fi mobile phone apps.

Here’s a list of mobile games to find.

Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Fleet Command is a multiplayer online strategy game. The players travel to various worlds, trade goods, form alliances with other players, and battle evildoers. There are many Star Trek references in the game, multiple groups to join, good graphics, and a great deal of room for improvement. One of the few native Star Trek games, it is frequently updated.

Star Trek Timelines

Star Trek Timelines is the best Star Trek video game available. Disruptor Beam is a strategy RPG that allows you to choose your starship crew from hundreds of characters from the six Star Trek television series. Each character has unique abilities and skills. You can then use that crew to explore the galaxy in a ship based on the numerous starships depicted in those television shows. You can also fight in starships against enemies controlled by artificial intelligence or other online players.

Star Trek is extremely popular during its time on television and fans are clamoring for ways to expand the experience. Fortunately, fans of Star Trek can experience sci-fi adventures through different mediums such as those listed above, allowing them to know what it is like to be a crew member aboard the Enterprise.

Treat Yourself to Sci-Fi Swag!

We've partnered with the folks at TeePublic to give fans the opportunity to support one another and express their interests by owning customized, unique merchandise based on their favorite science fiction franchises! Designs are created by fans and a portion of proceeds from each sale go to supporting the artists and their work! Check out the entire store and see if anything gets your attention!

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