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Upcoming Mobile Games

Upcoming Mobile Games

Scified2020-02-27 09:42:29
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Find out what mobile games are set to be released in 2020. Pro gamers and amateurs can expect a surge in upcoming mobile games in 2020.

There are a ton of new mobile games that are due for release or have already been released this year (2020). From mobile sci-fi games to themed card games, there's going to be a fair few to choose from. If you're into mobile gaming, this might be a good year for you to invest in one of the best handsets for gaming. There's a lot of models that exist with better memory and screen sizes. 

To get ahead of the gaming trends this year, here's a quick look at what we can expect from gaming developers in 2020:

Ghostrunner - Planned 2020 Release

One More Level is working on Ghostrunner, a new cyberpunk title. It is a first-person action game where the world is separated into safe havens, those left in humanity have overrun the tower-city, the last remaining shelter. Unfortunately, things inside the shelter are just as tough with the ever-increasing threat of violence.

Players will take on the role of a cyber warrior. The cyber warrior is capable of combat and is extremely proficient at having to deal with cyberspace. The aim of the game is to get to the top of the city and uncover the truth hidden behind the tower and potentially save all of mankind from further oppression. 

Disintegration - The New Sci-fi Shooting Game

Disintegration is a new and long-awaited science-fiction FPS created by Marcus Lehto, the former creative director at Bungie. Lehto is well known in the gaming world as having helped to create the Halo franchise. He is now working on a brand new FPS whereby mankind can only survive if it can place the human brain inside of robotic armatures. 

Players will play the role of Romer Shoal who has been fighting back against a force trying to eradicate all the remnants of human civilization. As a result, you can expect a complete single-player game to complete which is said to take 12 hours. 

The game is somewhat comparable to the Titanfall trilogy, in which players control massive mech-based vehicle armaments during matches, there are also foot soldiers fighting with you. The developers are planning to release Disintegration at some point in 2020. 

Kerbal Space Program 2 

Kerbal Space Program 2 is the trilogy to the celebrated Kerbal Space Programm space-flight simulation game. Enter the next space exploration generation with exciting new components, gorgeous visuals, colony building, interstellar transport, enhanced modding and multiplayer options. 

Players are put in control of a space program. Their sole purpose in the game is to create operational ships for a crew of Kerbals using a collection of parts. Players will ultimately learn how to construct their own spacecraft which is capable of going into space and then landing back on earth again. 

With a sequel in the works it won’t be long until players can once again send Kerbals into space but with the more challenging tasks of gathering new resources and solving the secrets of the galaxy. There is set to be a ton of new features added to the new game such as:

  • Upgraded UI
  • Animated tutorials
  • Next-gen game items 

The game will also have new engines, fuels and parts so the player can construct even better vessels which can be navigated into deep space and then be relanded without issue. 

Doom Eternal

Experience the quintessential combination of speed and power in Doom Eternal-the next leap in first-person, push-forward combat.

Chances are you were playing Doom if not the original Id Software title when the remake that was launched in 2016. This franchise has come such a long way, but now with a revival going thanks to the success of the remake, more fans are joining is as the role of Doom Slayer.  

Doom Eternal was originally looking to launch the game in 2019. The game developers want to bring out a game that is ready in its entirety to be enjoyed by the public, so it was put in the calendar for release in 2020. 

List of Other Games Being Released:

  1. Mage Knight (Board Game)
  2. Sagrada (Board Game)
  3. Wings of Glory (Board Game)
  4. Root (Board Game)
  5. Runescape Mobile (MMO)
  6. Diablo Immortal (Action-RPG)
  7. EVE Echoes (MMO/Simulation)
  8. Tom Clancy's Elite Squad (Collectable/Battler)
  9. InfiniteCorps (Card Game)
  10. Scythe: Digital Edition (Board Game)
  11. Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower (RPG)
  12. Commandos 2 (Squad Tactics/Strategy)
  13. Rebel Cops (Tactical Strategy)
  14. Roll for the Galaxy Digital (Board Game)
  15. Slay the Spire (Card Game/Roguelike)
  16. Teamfight Tactics Mobile (Autobattler)
  17. Legends of Runeterra (CCG)
  18. League of Legends: Wild Rift (MOBA)
  19. Fury of Dracula (Board Game)
Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-02-27 09:42:29
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