United States Space Force official department logo looks like something out of Star Trek!

Scified2020-01-24 19:43:52https://www.scified.com/articles/united-states-space-force-official-department-logo-looks-like-something-out-star-trek-19.jpg
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Space... the final frontier. Today, United States President Donald Trump unveiled the official logo for the U.S. Military's new space division - United States Space Force and it did not take long for people to notice the resemblance to one of sci-fi's most recognizable logos. The new Space Force logo looks very similar to the iconic Star Fleet logo from Star Trek! You can see the comparison below, the resemblance is uncanny but likely a deliberate move.

We've seen science fiction predict future advancements in technology and Star Trek was one of the pioneers of much of today's modern tech. So, it's no surprise that the first space focused division of the U.S. military pays homage to such an iconic symbol of Human ingenuity and advancement.

While many online are cracking jokes, thinking the launch of a Space Force is a waste of time and tax dollar spending, heading to the stars is the inevitable next step we as the Human race will face. Keep in mind, it really wasn't that long ago society thought it was nonsense and crazy to embark across the oceans to seek out new land.

As a science fiction focused network, we're quite thrilled at the prospects this new division can offer. Many of us will see deep space voyages within our lifetime as we seek new worlds to inhabit, mine for resources and re-locate populations.

But as influential as science fiction has been on our society and species, we just hope while we pursue the "new" we also heed the warnings science fiction has also provided us which accompany these leaps and bounds in evolution. Let's just hope and pray the new Space Force avoids any desolate planets in the Zeta Reticuli system...or our voyage will likely be cut short.

What do you think of the new Space Force logo? Let us know in the comments!

Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-01-24 19:43:52


LegendMember8212 XPJan-25-2020 7:48 PM

The design was just a lazy rip off from an inspiration at best.

These days, it seems like we would be after resources over inhabiting new worlds. It would be more like Dead Space imo.



LegendMember8212 XPJan-25-2020 7:55 PM

Old school Atari might be a little peeved too.


InitiateMember339 XPJan-27-2020 7:52 AM

Space Farce


2KMember4251 XPJan-27-2020 11:53 AM

I'm more disappointed that they borrowed from freaking hippy Star Trek and not the Glorious Alien Franchise (exclusively the first two movies). That logo should have took inspiration of either the Weyland-Yutani logo or the Colonial Marine Insignia.

NCC 1701

NoobMember27 XPFeb-01-2020 4:43 PM



2KAdmin4335 XPFeb-01-2020 5:33 PM

@NCC 1701 Welcome back! x

NCC 1701

NoobMember27 XPFeb-03-2020 12:47 PM

always been here 

NCC 1701

NoobMember27 XPFeb-03-2020 12:49 PM

 but thanks ,,,,,,,

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