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Essential Sci-Fi Board Games You Must Play

Essential Sci-Fi Board Games You Must Play

Scified2020-08-03 15:29:03
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Are you a science-fiction fan looking for a way to have fun with your friends? There’s always the option of a game night playing board games based on Sci-Fi themes. Themes vary, from exploring space and fantasy worlds to combating extraterrestrial life.

The following board games will make any fantasy game’s night one to remember:

XCOM The Board Game

A Sci-Fi fan’s ultimate dream is to be someone who has the opportunity to save the world from an alien invasion. Now, you have the chance to do that in a game with XCOM.

The Board Game hosts up to four players as they team up to combat aliens and save the world.

It comes with an app; you can’t play without it. The app gives information and tasks that players must complete to fight off the invasion. One player handles the app and relays the information as the others have a chance to play the role of either a commander, central officer, squad leader, or head scientist.

XCOM will certainly satisfy any hopes you've had of becoming a hero and playing an active role in fending off an apocalyptic alien invasion.

Star Wars Rebellion

It is almost impossible to have a list of Sci-Fi board games without mentioning Star Wars. The Star Wars Rebellion version lets you play as either the Rebels or the Empire.

The goal for the Empire is to find the Rebel base and destroy it, while the Rebels must protect their assets. Up to four players can join in, choosing which of the two sides they want to represent.

Twilight Imperium

In Twilight Imperium, each player serves as a rising empire, each of which has the chance to become the ultimate ruler of the galaxy.

You must tactfully collect points, either by combatting other empires or exercising diplomacy. There is a score set at the beginning for victory and the first player to achieve it wins.

Up to six players can participate simultaneously.

Tiny Epic Galaxies

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel space and colonize different worlds? Now you have the chance to emulate that vision with Tiny Epic Galaxies.

The board game gives up to five players the chance to serve as explorers of the galaxy, colonizing the worlds they find. As you colonize a world, you achieve victory points. The first player to 21 points wins.

However, colonizing isn't as easy as rolling the dice—you need to use diplomacy and energy actions, that gives you the power to activate your ship. The game requires strategy; otherwise, you will be aimlessly exploring the galaxy and not moving any closer to dominating it.

Game’s night with friends and family should always be fun. The Sci-Fi board games listed above will certainly make it more memorable and competitive.

The only problem is that you need others to play with you as none of the games are single-player versions. If you are looking for some individual games, you can try Gclub, an online casino platform that lets you play all your favourite casino games at home.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-08-03 15:29:03
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