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In 1976 the first ever handheld electronic game was released by Mattel the game was called Auto Race. The players car was a bright vertical dash on the bottom of the screen. The idea of the game was to move your car to the top of the screen 4 times in 99 seconds, while dodging other coloured dashes. Then in 1989 Nintendo released the Gameboy and as of 2013 continues to dominate the handheld console market. We have come a long way since these humble beginnings and a new generation of handheld gaming is upon us. Gamers want to be able to pick up and play as quickly as they can without carrying around bulky systems or spending huge amounts of time learning the controls and picking up complicated story lines.

This gap has been filled with the introduction of mobile gaming apps. I am well and truly sucked into this style of gaming.. my toilet time has been extended tremendously since I got my IPhone.

So I thought I’d compile a couple of top 5 lists, outlining my favourite Quick Play Gaming Apps (Those apps you can pick up and play when you have very little time), Long Play Gaming Apps (The games that you have to dedicate time to play)  and my Most Used Software Apps

Quick Play Gaming Apps


5) Marvel Puzzle Quest

A great twist on the classis puzzle quest / gem swapping genre. Build up a team of all your favourite marvel heroes and use there specialised skills to take out your enemies… 


4) Where’s My Perry

Still at 27 I still enjoy Saturday morning kids tv… one of my faves being phineas and ferb. So when I saw this game, I had to give it ago… and I was addicted. I love the simple idea behind it. Clear the soil to get the water to power Agent Perrys lift…


3) Shellrazer

A massive turtle with three levels of gun placements…. Need I say more?


2) Simpsons: Tapped Out

My sad addiction… I love this game as much as your aunt loves candy crush. Redesign your own Springfield with the help Homer, Lenny, Fat Tony and all the other classic Simpson characters


1) Army Of Darkness Defence

This was the first app I downloaded and I still enjoy the simple game play and endless battles… a great addition to anyone’s toilet time


Long Play Gaming Apps


5) Mega Man X

I never played this game on the Snes and I have always wondered what the hype was… so when I saw it in the app store I had to give it a go and I really enjoyed building up Mega Man and finding all the hidden equipment and areas.


4) Beneath A Steel Sky

I am always on the lookout for point and click games that have been ported to ISO. This game really filled a hole. It  has a great story line and great puzzles.


3) Phonix Wright

Help solve some ridiculous cases by ripping apart peoples testimony’s with cold hard evidence and like most anime games your boss has big tits  


2) Carmageddon

Not just another racing game. I mean you can race around a track completing laps to come first…… or…. You could drive around smashing the crap out of the other drivers until their cars are wasted…. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy you can always win the race by killing all the humans on the map


1) Chrono Trigger

Named one of the best RPG games in history… the controls on the port can be a bit fiddly by it still holds up.. Get it….. NOW!


Most Used Software


5) Geocaching

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.. sign the log book and move on



4) Pocket Weather

A weather app that gives you a great break down of the days weather and tides. Check the raidar to see the oncoming storms or  the weeks forcast as well as any weather warnings


3) Night Sky

Love the idea of being a star gazer but have no Idea what’s a star and whats a plant? This app will highlight all the star consolations, planets and even satellites 


2) Song Kick

This app scans your music library and tells you when and where an artist is going to play… a great way of keeping an eye on all your best bands!


1) Ctrl Alt Del

The best online comic for gamers. Updated very regularly, has arcing storylines as well as one off.. make sure to purchase the back log of comics they are a great read!

Well I hope you enjoyed my list… Do you agree? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter @laurencehead1


- Loz

Written by Game Over ManPublished on 2014-01-23 05:10:05
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