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Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studios proposes bold way to revolutionize merchandising entertainment

Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studios proposes bold way to revolutionize merchandising entertainment

Imagine watching a film, becoming attached to its narrative, its characters and developing a healthy obsession with the promotional material and memerobelia associated with that film. Now, imagine being able to literally download collectibles and toys based on that film, without ever having to leave your home, pay money to a store or online supplier. That's exactly what Neill Blomkamp is attempting with his new Oats Studios venture. 

We recently reported on the official first volume trailer for Oats and since then, Blomkamp has continuously trickled updates about the project online through his Twitter handle. Today, he proposed a bold new feature which would allow people to download and print out 3D models of toys based on his Oats Studios universe.

Interesting #oatsstudios idea with @steam_games downloads dlc will include 3D files for solidworks/ 3D printers so people can print own toys

The Oats Studios project is already a relatively inclusive one, with Blomkamp advertising the ability for third party artists and storytellers to have opportunity within the experimental studio to help formulate new creative works. But, allowing the public to print out their own toys and other memrobelia from the films Oats produces has some profound effects on the current methodology behind entertainment - specifically film. That methodology of course, is the ability to make money.

It would seem, at least, that Blomkamp has very little interest in making money from his latest venture. Instead, he seems to be focused on community and building an inclusive and continuously evolving network of entertainment works. By cutting out a large opportunity for merchandising, Blomkamp may aid in changing how larger corporations and film studios profit from their intellectual property. Regardless of Blomkamp's ultimate motives behind the studio, we're intrigued to learn more and are happily supporting his ideas.

Oats Studios Volume 1 will be streaming on Steam and YouTube soon.

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Necronom 4Jun-10-2017 4:37 PM


And there was me thinking that he was venturing out on his own in pursuit of artist freedom. Silly me!

It turns out that he's no better than the money kissers of BIG studio. Sad.


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Written By Chris
Published: 2017-06-10 12:59:10

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