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Alien Franchise in trouble?

Started Jul-22-2017 4:44 AM by Phallic Jaw

Last reply by Gavin on Jul-22-2017 6:11 AM

The Godzilla Files

Started Jul-21-2017 7:36 PM by TheGodzillaFiles

Jaeger WIP, does anyone want to help me with color?

Started Jul-21-2017 1:36 PM by nico_cerone

Last reply by nakedlunch on Jul-21-2017 6:25 PM

Bavari's Metachaos Inspired the Covenant Bombing Sequence

Started Jul-21-2017 10:49 AM by Kethol

Last reply by auximenes on Jul-21-2017 9:20 PM

Fox Reassessing Ridley Scott’s Planned ‘Alien’ Movies

Started Jul-21-2017 7:35 AM by Daszkowski

Last reply by Phallic Jaw on Jul-22-2017 8:55 AM

Dinosaur Detector Coffee Mugs

Started Jul-21-2017 7:12 AM by DinosaurDetector

Question about the new venom movie

Started Jul-21-2017 6:27 AM by Willnotbenamed

Rationalization of Alien series of movies (10 points)

Started Jul-21-2017 5:44 AM by kevin_will

Last reply by kevin_will on Jul-22-2017 12:39 AM

Is the character from the first movie who controlled gipsy danger going to have a role in uprising?

Started Jul-21-2017 2:18 AM by Mikey:D

david didnt create the xenomorph????? my theory.

Started Jul-21-2017 12:09 AM by Timmy the ultramorph

Last reply by The_Foxcatcher on Jul-22-2017 1:26 AM

what happened to the mother juggernaut?

Started Jul-20-2017 11:49 PM by Timmy the ultramorph

Last reply by Timmy the ultramorph on Jul-21-2017 2:19 AM

the protomorphs evolution into the xenomorph.

Started Jul-20-2017 11:27 PM by Timmy the ultramorph

Last reply by Xenotaris on Jul-21-2017 5:54 AM

How big do we think Kong will grow?

Started Jul-20-2017 9:18 PM by darthbane77

The Struggle

Started Jul-20-2017 8:32 PM by Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Last reply by Godzilla: King of the Monsters on Jul-21-2017 10:04 AM

What would make a "perfect" Alien movie prequel to you---ignoring A:C?

Started Jul-20-2017 3:23 PM by Starlogger

Last reply by AdamPD on Jul-22-2017 8:09 AM

Chester Bennington has passed.

Started Jul-20-2017 1:27 PM by Something Real

Last reply by Xenotaris on Jul-21-2017 5:43 AM

so how did all your theories turn out?

Started Jul-20-2017 12:09 PM by ali81

Last reply by hox on Jul-21-2017 10:45 AM

Indie Sci-fi Game & Comic : Primus Vita

Started Jul-20-2017 10:39 AM by Nim Nim

Monster-verse after Godzilla vs. Kong

Started Jul-20-2017 9:18 AM by Number1GodzillaFan

Last reply by Kaiser Ghidorah on Jul-20-2017 5:29 PM

The Crucified Engineer Emissary?

Started Jul-20-2017 8:24 AM by Cerulean Blue

Last reply by Cerulean Blue on Jul-21-2017 8:15 AM

There is no way David could escape from Walter

Started Jul-20-2017 5:39 AM by Nick Burkardt

Last reply by Gralen on Jul-22-2017 2:01 AM

All answers given in front of our eyes!

Started Jul-20-2017 4:55 AM by George-TheGreek

Last reply by George-TheGreek on Jul-22-2017 10:27 AM

Best Godzilla, King of The monsters/ Godzilla vs. King Kong tie in idea(IMO) other opinions welcomed as well

Started Jul-20-2017 4:54 AM by Number1GodzillaFan

Last reply by TherizinoRex(Not New BTW) on Jul-20-2017 12:01 PM

Dinosaur, which looked like a giant bird, discovered in Canada!

Started Jul-20-2017 2:36 AM by Something Real

Last reply by Jack Ponting on Jul-21-2017 4:18 AM

blade runner and alien connected?

Started Jul-19-2017 10:38 PM by Timmy the ultramorph

Last reply by BigDave on Jul-20-2017 6:07 PM

time travel in the alien universe?

Started Jul-19-2017 10:14 PM by Timmy the ultramorph

Last reply by BigDave on Jul-20-2017 7:30 PM

We are never going to see the deacon again. are we.

Started Jul-19-2017 9:52 PM by Timmy the ultramorph

Last reply by dk on Jul-21-2017 6:36 PM

There is something in the water...

Started Jul-19-2017 2:37 PM by Something Real

Last reply by Something Real on Jul-19-2017 8:59 PM

the 2 xeno embryos david has

Started Jul-19-2017 12:30 PM by ali81

Last reply by hox on Jul-20-2017 9:57 PM

Watch a sneak peek of Phobos: An "Alien Covenant” Story!

Started Jul-19-2017 10:44 AM by Daszkowski

Last reply by cuponator3000 on Jul-19-2017 1:39 PM

Shedding Some Light on David's Lab

Started Jul-19-2017 10:40 AM by Kethol

Last reply by Kethol on Jul-21-2017 9:22 AM

What is that creature studied by Monarch in Siberia?

Started Jul-19-2017 10:33 AM by Willnotbenamed

Last reply by Godzilla 2014 Himself on Jul-20-2017 9:48 AM

I know what the black goo really is.

Started Jul-19-2017 9:05 AM by Resurgence

Last reply by Capt Torgo on Jul-19-2017 9:14 PM

Researchers now believe T.rex was too heavy to run!

Started Jul-19-2017 2:33 AM by Something Real

Last reply by Something Real on Jul-19-2017 6:21 PM

How to Connect the Prequels to Alien?

Started Jul-19-2017 12:21 AM by chli

Last reply by chli on Jul-20-2017 11:47 AM

Would You Rather Get Burst(Chest/Back/Mouth), Eggmorphed, or Eaten?

Started Jul-18-2017 7:05 PM by VivisectedEngineer

Last reply by VivisectedEngineer on Jul-20-2017 5:59 AM

Titan Publishing

Started Jul-18-2017 6:41 PM by CPL.Hicks

Writing Contest: Sauropod vs Megatheropod

Started Jul-18-2017 5:09 PM by The Vengeful Rex

Last reply by Emperor GorillaGodzilla on Jul-19-2017 4:12 PM

SDCC 2017

Started Jul-18-2017 4:30 PM by Godzilla 2014 Himself

Last reply by NateZilla10000 on Jul-22-2017 12:05 AM

Our future?

Started Jul-18-2017 11:53 AM by lupacexi

Last reply by Lilly (Svanya) on Jul-18-2017 4:49 PM


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