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Daily life of a Dilophosaurus

Posted Oct-27-2016 9:36 AM by Xenotaris

7 replies

Gidorah, Mothra and Rodan

Posted Oct-27-2016 4:26 AM by hbkdewd89

6 replies

Favourite theropod

Posted Oct-27-2016 3:02 AM by CarnoFTW

5 replies

Majungasaurus vs Spinosaurus

Posted Oct-26-2016 5:50 PM by CarnoFTW

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11 replies

Cool Science Fiction Stuff

Posted Oct-24-2016 4:34 PM by Chestbursters!

6 replies

7 replies

Best Jurassic Park/World Movie?

Posted Oct-24-2016 3:11 PM by XenoRaptor

27 replies

4 replies

Rogue One Fan Plot

Posted Oct-23-2016 8:45 AM by Lord Tyrant

2 replies

16 replies

Who Should Kill Maul?

Posted Oct-22-2016 4:59 AM by Lord Tyrant

8 replies

Favourite Dark Jedi

Posted Oct-22-2016 4:47 AM by Lord Tyrant

6 replies

Shin Godzilla Wars

Posted Oct-21-2016 1:12 PM by Sci-Fi King25

5 replies

The End 2: Part 2

Posted Oct-21-2016 11:35 AM by GorillaGodzilla

24 replies

0 replies

4 replies

Dinosaur Discovered in Alaska!

Posted Oct-20-2016 5:36 PM by Something Real

6 replies

5 replies


Posted Oct-19-2016 7:58 PM by Chestbursters!

4 replies


Posted Oct-19-2016 1:51 PM by Chestbursters!

0 replies


Posted Oct-19-2016 10:04 AM by BigDave

29 replies

0 replies

60 replies

What is a Dinosaur?

Posted Oct-17-2016 7:15 AM by Xenotaris

51 replies

9 replies

Xenomorph scare

Posted Oct-16-2016 7:04 PM by Hawley Griffin

4 replies

Anakin vs Vader: Who is the Prime?

Posted Oct-16-2016 10:52 AM by Lord Tyrant

4 replies

4: A Science Fiction Series

Posted Oct-15-2016 3:54 PM by Chestbursters!

1 replies

Top 10 Reasons Transformers Sucks

Posted Oct-15-2016 4:48 AM by Lord Tyrant

9 replies

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Gidorah, Mothra and Rodan

2016-10-27 04:26:47

Favourite theropod

2016-10-27 03:02:11

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