Top Five Sci-Fi And Movie Themed Games
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Video games have often used movies to source their material and create great and much loved releases. There is a wealth of great narratives that have helped either expand the franchise or merely create a revenue stream and exploit great characters. In terms of success, it's been pretty much a one way street. There aren't many great films based on video games, although many have tried and, as proven by the upcoming release of an Assassins Creed movie, many will continue to attempt to turn that curve. Among my personal favourites, are games based on movies or science fiction which never fails to provide a rich stream of energetic ideas that make it the perfect for video games designers. Here, then, are four best science fiction and move based games that I highly recommend you give a try - soon.

Lego Indiana Jones

The absolute king of the Lego movie spinoffs, Lego Indiana Jones wasn’t the first in the formula but it was bricky perfection. Released in 2008, there have been many, many more Lego titles released since concerning every family movie franchise that has seemingly been published, from Harry Potter to The Avengers, and even including an updated second edition of the Indiana Jones series, to rehash the good work done here and force in the god awful Crystal Skull movie at the same time. This original though has the best puzzles, best Lucas Film in jokes and, this is crucial, it was simplicity itself. As the Lego games continued to be churned out en-masse, makers Travellers' Tales felt compelled to add a growing complexity to the games' features which, in truth, served only to slow down and lag the game's pace and fluidity. Highlights of the original include fighting Mola Ram in the Battle of the Bridge and seeking out the five hidden Star Wars scenes that unlock the playable Han Solo.

Star Wars Battlefront

Speaking of Star Wars, Battlefront, released to coincide with The Force Awakens, is the first in the relatable series to not actually suck (apart from Lego of course). It's really nothing more than a sweet looking shooter, like COD in space, but here we have, in exquisite detail, the actual locations from the classic original movies. We're talking a lush looking Endor forest, ice cold snow of Hoth to the bleak desert of Tatooine. Not only does this title come with EA's trademark super sweet graphics, the play is very fluid and works great in Co-Op mode. Also, appealingly, you can play as Sith or Jedi, meaning that you can opt for Darth Vader instead of tiringly dull, Luke Skywalker.

Rocky Slots

You’ve got the guts, now get the glory. With this awesome game, which is my personal favourite, players can rise up and take their chances in Rocky ‘The Italian Stallion’ Balboa’s very own slots game. Themed on the Philly Boxing classics, this big hitting 5 reel, 25 slot game features a truck load of official movie footage and the soundtrack from the original Rocky movies. These all blend together fantastically with actor portraits and stunning graphics, making it a must play for fans of the original series as well as experienced and rookie gamers alike. Players can choose to play as Rocky in the legendary bouts against the Master of Disaster: Apollo Creed, the Siberian Bull: Ivan Drago or the Southside Slugger: Clubber Lang and each time the Italian Stallion wins, so do you! Plus if Rocky’s south paw lands that knockout blow before the final round you stand to win even more. So, if you love Rocky, you’ll love this brilliantly adapted and beautifully constructed slots game that lovingly pays tribute to the original franchise, whist offering huge jackpots and mega bonuses too.

Slots has become the pivotal way to get involved with online casino, similar to the Rocky slot game above there are tons out there. From Batman to Family guy every slot game out there has been altered for your pleasure. The excitement and anticipation is what makes players around the world enjoy slots. Getting involved is simple but finding the right site to play is slightly more difficult. will show you the best sites to play online and how to get started on your favorite slot game.

Space Invaders

Ahh, the original, perhaps even the daddy of them all. Space Invaders ranks up there with Pac Man, Pong and Tetris as one the graphic free old timers that still inspire much love and loyalty among gamers the world over. Nothing more than a genius shoot their 8-bit pixels with your 8-bit pixels in a block to block style free blaster that dates back to an era when nothing more than that was required. Despite that, it actually became notorious for becoming one of the most addictive games ever made, and with good reason too. It couldn't be simpler to play. Your mission is to defend the galaxy by eliminating the invading enemy alien army ships as they attempt to wipe out your existence. While it was indeed an arcade classic it could be played (and still can be) on PC with nothing more than the arrow keys to give their missiles a swerve and the space bar to launch your own lethal attacks.

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MemberNoobMay-10-2016 12:47 AM

One of my personal favorite game titles is probably Alien Isolation which released in 2015.

This game really captured the atmosphere of the original Ridley Scott movie that started it all.
Sevastopol space station orbiting the gas giant KG348 just feels like a place that could have been in the movies, and more importantly, it feels palpable and real. Amanda Ripley is a strong and believable heroine, and the realistic AI of the Alien, and other enemies just make this game a unique experience.


MemberInitiateMay-10-2016 4:18 AM

Alien vs Predator 1 & 2 for the PC and Alien Isolation are my personal favorites.  Star Wars battlefront is brilliant to but I've played it for a while.  AVP 2010 was a big let down I think and the mutliplayer is awful.  Not played any of the lego games as of yet :)

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