Top 7 games to play when you're high
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Are you wondering how to make your 420 sessions merrier? Try out entertaining smoking games when you’re high with your mates. 

If you’re hosting your friends for a blazing and gaming session, you’ll need a significant amount of weed. Buy cheap cannabis seeds online, grow the herb at home, and always have enough marijuana for parties. 

Are you ready to discover the most entertaining titles to play while high? Keep reading to find the best video and party games to try with your stoner friends. 

Video Games to Play While High 

Whether you like playing alone or with friends, video games are a top choice when looking for titles to try while high. 

Check out the following entertaining stoner video games.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Do you love playing video titles with outstanding gaming features? Grand Theft Auto 5, or GTA 5, is among the best smoke games to play when high. 

If alone, enter the virtual world and complete missions as a gangster. Customize your cars and clothes, and hit a joint as you explore the in-game casino. If you like smoking and chilling, drive to the golf course or tennis court and entertain yourself. 

GTA is also thrilling when playing with friends. Team up and complete missions. If you lose, surrender the console to others. Make the game more exciting by awarding the winners with a joint or two. 

Call of Duty 

Are you ready to test your hand-to-eye coordination while high? Call of Duty tops the list of adventurous smoking games filled with action. 

Hit a joint and feel the thrill as you fight for survival on a virtual battlefield. This game challenges your maneuverability, coordination, and ability to shoot at enemies precisely. 

What’s more interesting is the multiplayer mode which allows you to compete against your stoner friends. After smoking a few joints, get into action and see who’s the real champion. 

Agree on the reward to give the winner and the punishment for losers. While the champ enjoys a blunt, the defeated one rolls the joints. 


This title is among the best smoking weed games to play with friends. In Fortnite, you compete against other players while trying to build your fortress. 

Take an adventure gathering building materials, resources, and weapons for attacking characters invading your fortress. As the game continues, the map shrinks, and you must fight others to survive.

Compete against your friends to see who can last in the game for the longest time. The last man standing becomes the overall winner and receives a reward from the others. 

Classical Games to Play While High

Excite the virtual reality world, and have a blast playing regular party games with your weed buddies. Here are some entertaining titles to try. 

Straight-Faced Stoner 

This title is one of the most challenging smoking games to play while high. Before you start it, get enough Mary Jane to last a few rounds. 

Set the rules and penalties before starting the game. The losers can do the dishes or roll the joints. Come up with unique stoner-themed punishments. 

Light a few blunts, pass it around, and let everyone get high. Once the euphoric effects kick in, start the game. 

Every participant must maintain a straight face. The first person to laugh, smile or giggle becomes the loser and must perform the penalty you set. 


According to myths, people who stared at Medusa’s face would turn into a stone. This Greek figure inspired the release of one of the best sci-fi movies. Weed lovers also have a fun smoking game named after this creature. 

In Medusa, you gather around with your friends and take a few puffs with the heads facing down. Count up to three, look up, and stare at each other. 

If the friend you’re gazing at looks at you, shout, “Medusa.” Light a joint and let everyone take a toke. 

Make it more fun by holding the smoke while trying not to stare back at your stoner friends. The first to cough out or look at someone’s face becomes the loser.

Never Have I Ever

This title is among the best stoner games to play with friends. Never Have I Ever provides a unique opportunity to bond and know your stoner mates better. 

How does it work? Each person takes a turn to share their experiences, starting with the words “Never have I ever.” 

If you’re starting the game, you could say, “Never have I ever smoked the Jack Herer weed strain.” If any of your friends have done it, you hit a joint. Allow the next person to say what they’ve not done before.

Movie as a Game 

Are you looking for the best cannabis movies to watch while high with friends? Turn one of the titles into a fun stoner game. Are you wondering how? 

Gather your friends and select an entertaining stoner movie like The Big Lebowski. Ensure that you have enough weed and set the game rules before hitting the play button. Whenever the main character smokes, you’ve all got to hit a blunt too.

Spike up the entertainment by competing to hold the smoke after vaping. The one who takes the longest to let it out becomes a winner. The champion lights the next joint or gets to choose the next movie. 

Other Remarkable Titles 

There are numerous bong games to play alone or with friends. Mix the fun by switching between party and video games.

Some notable titles popular among stoners include: 


  • Rock Band 
  • Weed Pong
  • Jackbox Party Pack
  • Lungs


Make Memories While High 

Create memorable moments while you’re high by playing entertaining games for stoners. The titles we’ve mentioned make the smoking sessions merrier. 

Buy weed seeds and grow the herb at home in preparation for an enjoyable experience. Always have enough marijuana to get high before grabbing the consoles. 

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