Top 8 Best Cannabis Movies to Watch with Friends

Top 8 Best Cannabis Movies to Watch with Friends

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Watching a movie when high is undoubtedly an unusual experience that opens up new horizons. But what about the movies about cannabis? There are dozens of good and not-so-good movies where marijuana plays an important role and affects the plot significantly. It may be hard to choose a good movie, though, as you will likely stumble across many second-rate, stupid comedies that do not make much sense. We've prepared a list of the best cannabis movies to enjoy with friends that won't waste your time.

Pineapple Express

A weed lover and his dealer, played by Seth Rogen and James Franco, respectively, are the two main characters in this marijuana-inspired movie. The story unfolds as the characters try a new, exotic cannabis strain called Pineapple Express. Although the plot may seem messy, the movie goes well with marijuana. We also bet that after watching this movie, you will want to learn more about the most potent cannabis strains with unusual effects. Those who prefer a calming, relaxing effect can read about Granddaddy Purple strain, a classic Indica-dominant hybrid popular among weed lovers.

Why watch?

  • Dynamic plot
  • A fun mix of action and comedy genres
  • Funnier when you are high

The Big Lebowski

This Joel and Ethan Coen's classic movie differs from many popular cannabis-related comedies featuring teens smoking weed and getting in trouble. But it can offer much more to people searching for entertainment and self-reflection. In fact, the movie has so many deep layers of meaning that it has even been studied by scholars. Its relaxed pace, humor, eye-appealing visuals, and sharply written dialogues go well with or without weed.  

Jeff Bridges' character, The Dude, is a middle-aged man who enjoys smoking weed and relaxing. He has no responsibilities and commitments and lives in the moment. He loves marijuana so much that he can smoke anywhere, even in his car while driving. We don't recommend following The Dude's example, but this character is certainly worth knowing if you are interested in cannabis culture. 

Why watch?

  • Unique Joel and Ethan Coen's style
  • Great dialogues
  • Stylized visuals
  • Excellent acting 

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 

Adapted from Hunter S. Thompson's book, this movie is all about drugs, including marijuana. The main characters, played by unmatched Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro, travel to Las Vegas, and this journey turns out to be a long and crazy trip filled with weird adventures and strange encounters. The whole movie looks like a drug trip from beginning to end, and it's easy to get lost in numerous plot twists. Although the movie concerns many other drugs besides cannabis, it is a great reminder of what mayhem they can create in someone abusing them.

Why watch?

  • Great soundtrack featuring psychedelic and classic rock 
  • Famous actors
  • Hallucinatory visuals and bright colors 

True Romance

Is there anything better than gorgeous Brad Pitt smoking weed? His iconic portrayal of his character Floyd, the stoner spending his days on a couch, is the true icing on the cake. However, this movie has much more to offer, such as an engaging plot and a whole bunch of world-famous actors, including Christian Slater and Gary Oldman. 

Why watch?

  • Good reviews
  • Top-rated actors
  • Dynamic plot
  • Wonderfully written scenes 
  • Unforgettable soundtrack from Hans Zimmer and other popular artists

Harold and Kuman Go to White Castle 

This movie features no great stars, but it always ends up in lists of the best movies for stoners and about stoners. The plot is very simple: an office worker and his stoner friend smoke marijuana and decide they want delicious White Castle burgers. They buy some more weed on their way to the restaurant, get into trouble, and then smoke again, making the trip even crazier. As you can see, the whole plot revolves around marijuana.  

Why watch?

  • Likable characters
  • Funny jokes
  • Optimistic story 
  • Good to watch when stoned

H2: Dazed and Confused

This coming-of-age comedy featuring Hollywood stars such as Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck will immerse you into the atmosphere of the 1970s. The movie is a great nostalgic tribute to the student years when people try marijuana for the first time or do wild things like smoking weed on the football field. You'll have much to discuss if you decide to watch this movie with your high school buddies. The story is not very inventive, but the atmosphere and characters are worth it! 

Why watch?

  • Excellent actors
  • Credible characters
  • Written and directed by the famous film director Richard Linklater


Looking for a 1990s vibe? This unpretentious comedy does not feature famous actors or mind-blowing soundtracks but offers much-needed relaxation and entertainment. The story follows the classic cannabis-inspired path: the two men smoke weed and begin crazy adventures. 

Why watch?

  • Funny
  • Realistic characters
  • Good insight into the 1990s street life 

Inherent Vice

In this movie, the story unfolds through a smoky haze of weed in California. The main character, played by one and only Joaquin Phoenix, navigates the psychedelic world of local stoners, surfers, and cops while he solves a mysterious case. 

Why watch?

  • A complex, thought-provoking story
  • Convincing acting
  • Professionally composed
  • Visually appealing 

Summing Up

As you can see, cannabis movies are not necessarily ridiculous comedies about stoned students. There are actually many great films featuring Hollywood stars that will educate you on marijuana while also providing top-notch entertainment. If you decide to smoke before watching them, you may find them particularly captivating and inspirational.

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