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Margot Robbie cast as Harley Quinn!

Margot Robbie cast as Harley Quinn!

Scified2014-11-09 21:59:24https://www.scified.com
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Collider is reporting that Margot Robbie has been confirmed to be cast as Harley Quinn in the new 'Suicide Squad' adaption.This comes in the wake of the earlier rumor we posted declaring that the Joker would be making an appearance in the movie. This role is especially significant because of the long association of the character not only in the Suicide Squad, but in the Batman mythology as well.

The character of Harley Quinn has always been an intriguing one. Originally a psychiatrist at Arkham, she was manipulated by the Joker into becoming his henchwoman. Her story has always been one of the more tragic due to how her villain persona was 'born'. It is intriguing that she is presented here in Suicide Squad, alongside the recent Joker rumors. If Joker makes an appearance in Suicide Squad it may be briefly or in the form of a flashback in order to give the audience context to who this character is.

Margot Robbi gained international attention through her performance in 'The Wolf of Wall Street'. This movie will solidify her name among mainstream audiences. This role is also possible that she may be involved in a multiple picture deal, due to her characters prominent place in the batman mythology, and being the most well known publicly of the Suicide Squad members so far rumored to be in this movie. 

Suicide Squad is currently set for release on August 5, 2016. Justin Marks will be writing the Screenplay, and David Ayer is assigned to directing the movie. It will be the third installment in the DCU after Dawn of Justice, and the first DC movie to be centered directly around villains. As of now, there are no other actors confirmed to play a role in this movie yet besides Margot Robbie

Written by MattPublished on 2014-11-09 21:59:24
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