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Something Real

Aug-05-2016 4:36 PM

FACEHUGGERS! - What an exceptionally engaging theory! Hmm...there certainly is no evidence to the contrary. I would say that the ship could very easily have been constructed or even grown around the Jockey itself! :)


Oct-01-2016 3:21 AM

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Oct-01-2016 3:24 AM

@sunsanrichard welcome to scified!Your explanation is very interesting indeed.

"A living nuclear weapon destined to walk the Earth forever. Indestructible. A victim of the modern nuclear age."


Jan-06-2017 10:25 AM

yeah in alien isolation we get a look at how small the passage ways are and they are just slightly bigger than the average human and when you finally get to the jockey what strikes you immediately is the sheer size of the jockey and how there is no way that it could possibly fit through those corridors

Look upon my works, you mighty, and despair


Jan-06-2017 1:12 PM

All that means is they might be vents.


Jan-06-2017 1:19 PM


Exactly, good connection!


That is quite possible though, or perhaps they were the hallways that Engineers walked through---and over time with age, the derelict shrunk to the size we see in the game.  



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