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Looks Like Ripley returns


Feb-26-2015 9:18 AM

Its now looking highly likely that Sigourney weaver will return as Ripley in the New Aliens movie. She has recently given an interview with Sky regarding this. Unfortunately accesssing the interview online seems impossible at the moment even though various online sources are providing links to it.


2 Responses to Looks Like Ripley returns


Feb-26-2015 1:21 PM

She was always going to be in movie. The whole reason Neil even started thinking about making it was because on the set of Chappie he and Sigourney talked about it. He said she inspired him and he wanted her in it as Ripley once again. :D

Gavin posted the news this morning: Neill Blomkamp Confirms Alien 5 Will Be A Direct Sequel To Aliens!

The video was made private during the night sadly, probably because she will no doubt be making an official statement in the days or weeks to come. 

I moved your thread off Prometheus forums btw, and sent it here to the Alien forums. :)

Something Real

Feb-26-2015 1:46 PM

BATCHPOOL - This is such exciting news! I cannot express how pleased I am that Sigourney Weaver will be reprising her role as Ripley! Not only is she an absolutely excellent character, but she gives us women credibility with regards to powerful, lead roles! Of course, I hope Hicks makes a full-on return as well; I had a crush on him when I was in my teens! :D

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