Help finding movie with weak monsters needing radioactive substances and change human perception

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NoobMember12 XPOct-22-2022 5:45 AM

I'm looking to find a sci-fi movie I saw long time ago, maybe back in the 1990s. I can't remeber the title and I'm looking to find the movie. Can someone help?

I don't remember exactly when I saw the movie, as I told probably in the 1990's, so it could be from the 80's or 90's probably the (late?) 70's - less probably even earlier or a bit later (early 2000's).

The plot is as follows (as far as I can remember, there might be some inaccuracies): the crew of a spaceship meets with another crew and each person of the first crew recognizes some old friend in the visiting crew. Just one of the crew members does not see the visitors as humans, but rather as some kind of hairy creatures/monsters (see below for some similar images). Secretly, he tries to warn the other crew-members about that, but as he seems to be the only one with this kind of perception, they think he has some kind of hallucination and he is brought to the medical station. He still insists and with the time, we learn that for some kind of modification of his brain, the illusion the visitors created does not work in his then.

Indeed, the visitors are not humans, but some kind of hairy monsters. They are physically weak and move only very slowly, but have the power to influence human brains and create any kind of illusion so that humans seem to recognize (human) friends when they in fact talk to one of the monsters. They can make humans to believe that they are in any kind of environment or situation, inducing and evoking fake visual and acustic impressions so that people think they see and hear things that are not actually there or rather in a completely different way: they see human friends when in fact they have a monster in front of them.

The monsters dependend on radioactive energy to survive (or repair something? I don't remember) and they have to get some radioactive substances from some kind of planet or asteroid. But being too weak to reach there on their own, they use the humans to do that for them. This is a very risky and dangerous operation, so to convince the crew to do so, they create the illusion that the members of the operation are turning back to Earth to meet their families.

We then see the operation team carrying some kind of nuclear containers on an empty planet, but in their imaginiation, they do not carry radioactive material, but hold a baby in their arms and but it in the baby carriage. Only thanks to the modification of their brains they see and feel virtual scenes and are convinced to be on Earth with their families, when in fact they are executing a dangerous task to provide radioactive energy for the creatures.

The monsters were hairy, looked somehow similar to this:
or this:
or this:

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