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Macau short film inspired by Blade Runner and the book do androids dream of electric sheep

Macau short film inspired by Blade Runner and the book do androids dream of electric sheep

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Are you looking forward to see the Macau version of Do Androids dream of electric sheep?
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NoobMember38 XPMay-20-2022 6:53 AM

The Edge Of Human being released on YouTube at 25 June.

A short film from Macau takes a lot of inspiration from Blade Runner and the book Do androids dream of electric Sheep with a cast filming themselves at home with green screen.

The plot is about an Android hunter named Jeter is hunting fugitive androids who crash land in Macau, but while chasing them he relies they might be equally living creatures as himself.

the love for Blade Runner is clearly shown, for instance the title is named The Edge Of Human after the book Blade Runner 2 The Edge Of Human and the hero of the movie Jeter is named after the book’s author KW Jeter.

However the movie’s plot is not inspired by that book, instead the story is mostly inspired by the original book Do Androids dream of electric sheep by Philip K Dick.

For instance the androids will be referred as Andys same as the book and the blade Runners will just referred as Android Hunters, same as the book. 

the movie is created by the team Macau rotoscoping movies, funny story is MRM was created during the lockdown in late 2020, when a team of graphic designers couldn’t go to work and decided to make movies at home with their computers. Their first movie was released last year named Macao 2525 done entirely in rotoscoping.

The director, writer and leading role actor is Johan Karlberg, originally born in Sweden but became an actor in Beijing China in 2009, in the west he is mostly known for the movies Last Kung Fu Monk and The Resistance (the Chinese Resistance movie released 2011). He got in contact with the Macanese team during the pandemic and co worked with them in Macau 2525. This will be his directing debut.

Also including in the cast is Rika Kishida known from the Japanese Power Ranger series Jetman, other cast and crew are Angela Lao a local movie animator in Macau and Akase Yoshihiro a director in Japan from Akase Planning.

What’s interesting in this it was filmed entirely at the cast home with green or blue curtains and later editing together by the Macau team so it will look like the cast saw each other.

The movies language will be spoken in Mandarin Cantonese Indonesian Japanese and English.

The movie will be released on YouTube at 25 June this year at the 40th anniversary of the original Blade Runner release.

here is the trailer:

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NoobMember38 XPMay-24-2022 10:44 AM

Here are few screen shots

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