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ConversationalistMember1447 XPJun-03-2021 10:49 AM


So, this is a new series I’ve been thinking about for a small while, and now here it is! By the title you could infer, well, it’s about Krystalak. Also some very unrealistic fights (as in, who would win. The stats are all over the place.) This first chapter will showcase that in its most extreme, and also it kinda...y’know sets up the whole series. It may or may not be somewhat of a shocker, idek I don’t know how easily you’re shocked

There will be songs for each ‘segment’ of the chapter which I see fit. I’m a music person.


May or may not drop the ball with the fancy writing later so it’s more fun for me to write


Anyways, enjoy?





Monarchy. Something that ran through the bloodstream and timeline of all kaiju since ancient times. Something that humans observed and followed in their own lives as well. It’s simple, one defeats another in some sort of conflict, be that combat or not. Simple? It seems like it should be, anyways. But it can be much more complicated than that. As ruler, you must plan what your kingdom will do. You must be strong enough or smart enough to protect them. You must be skillful at communication as making allies is beneficial. You must…


None of that was going through Krystalak’s head right then. Right then, he was looking for a fight. Walking up to the ocean to challenge the strongest known kaiju, the current king, Godzilla. He knew he wouldn’t win, but the adrenaline was all worth the scars and bruises. Just some risky fun, is all. He signaled his presence by roaring. A minute without response, an impatient Krystalak slammed his hands down and roared again. Yet more silence. The crystalline kaiju bellowed yet again, screaming ‘GOOOODDDZZIIIIIILLAAAAAAAA! COME AND FIGHT ME, COWARD!’. Finally, he got what he wanted. Three rows of indistinguishable spiky scutes arose from the water. The King lifted his head from the ocean, staring with his golden-tinted eyes at the crystal creature. He snorted, eyes slanted, demanding why he be disturbed. ‘What now?’. Krystalak stepped back, before lunging forward with a snickering growl. Godzilla sighed, easing into a fighting stance, figuring Krystalak was the type to not back down no matter the cir***stance.


The white-and-magenta kaiju delivered the first attack, lunging with a scream. Godzilla shifted to the side and whipped him with his tail. Krystalak fell back with a startled yelp before easing up again and already unleashing his breath attack, Prism Beam. Surprised, Godzilla shrieked and retaliated with an Atomic Breath. But, Krystalak had seen this coming and ducked. He leaped, several meters into the air, then ducked into a ball and flung himself towards Godzilla. Atomic Breath was shot, but to no effect. Godzilla was rammed into his side and he almost toppled. Krystalak jumped up and slid back. The lizard looked back to see the crystalline therapsid charging full speed, so he positioned his tail accordingly and flicked Krystal away as if he was a baseball. Launched through the air, Krystalak was somewhat startled but righted himself just in time to nimbly land upright. He roared and blasted Godzilla with a beam as he sprinted towards him. The king leaned forward, similar to a theropod, blue rushing from his throat as his beam clashed with Krystal’s. Godzilla effortlessly plowed through the crystal kaiju’s beam, but Krystalak would not have this. He continued with all his might. Until,


Godzilla was on his back. He was actually surprised, maybe even more than Krystalak. He was stunned, but wasted no time sprinting to the now-fallen reptilian and jumping on him, digging his claws into the skin. Goji shifted his legs under Krystal’s chest and hurled him meters back. He lands with a THUD!


Godzilla was on his feet again and roared into the sky. Krystalak was unconscious. The king turned away from the body to go back into the ocean. Another day, another fight, everyday things. The crystalline beast slowly opened his eyes. Watching the reptile just turn his back and leave so nonchalantly made him furious. As Godzilla leaned down into the water, he could hear the sound of something bowling towards him. As he turned, he nearly got a face-full of crystal shards as the raging ball of magenta fury rammed into his back. Godzilla shreeched and pried at the ball with all his might, but it just didn’t budge. Atomic Breath was useless. Suddenly, the ball unfurled fast as lightning and the lizard was clobbered in the head by a tail. In the heat of the moment, Krystalak was hit meters back by a startled flick of the reptile’s tail. He hit the cove with tremendous force. Blood seeped from his mouth as his vision started to blank with the sudden trauma. Godzilla, wasting no time, charged the opponent before slamming his foot down into his chest. He grinded it in there, cracking ribs in the process, hoping to teach this delinquent a lesson. Krystalak saw red. Godzilla leaned in to see the fear in his eyes, the understanding of inferiority, but he saw...snark? Krystalak had a trick up his sleeve. Goji somehow seemed to have read his mind. The king spoke, ‘What else could you possibly-’ He was cut off by a sudden burst of energy coming from the therapsid’s chest. He was flung back. Before a moment’s notice Krystal was on all fours, cackling with energy. He ran in circles like a madman. He felt more alive than ever. Godzilla attempted to get up, but every time he tried he was met with gem claws or a blast of Prism Beam. This kaiju, surely he thought, was truly unhinged. He could admire the determination he had, though. ‘That’s it, party’s over.’ Godzilla growled, jumping to his feet. Distantly, CLT-95 tanks rolled into battle. They targeted Krystalak but to no avail. Godzilla, however, was at least partially harmed. The crystalline kaiju saw this, and had an idea. He sprinted over, picked one up, before shoving it in Godzilla’s face as it continued to blast him with freezing cannons. He started to beat him with it before throwing the trashed tank into the sea. He continued assaulting the greater beast with his fists and claws. 

Godzilla thrashed and reached to grab Krystal by the neck. He lunged his head forward, teeth bared and sank his fangs into the white flesh. Krystalak screamed as blood gushed from the wounds. He chomped down hard. He was hell-bent on getting this nuisance out of the way. Krystalak banged his tail onto Godzilla’s head. The king did not let go. He inhaled, but he could not breathe. But this did not deter the beast. Being incapacitated by his opponet only made him angrier. Krystalak fired Prism Beam into Godzilla’s wounds. He gathered his energy and unleashed another Crystal Surge. The reptile was hauled back. The synapsid, holding his side in pain, saw the opportunity and rushed in, holding him down with all his might. Godzilla attempted to get up but was held down by a bite to the neck. Minutes passed. The lizard stopped protesting and lay still. Krystalak saw this as a sign to stop. He got off him, cautiously, and backed up. He froze as Godzilla got up, slowly. He just stared at the gem beast. After moments of silence, he kneeled down with his head low, respectfully. He turned tail and headed for the ocean. Did...did he just bow?


Krystalak’s eyes widened. ‘What just happened?’ he said. Suddenly, it occurred to him. He just defeated the King. Therefore, that makes him King. King Krystalak. He slowly smiled. ‘I’m...I’m the king. I’m...the king...I’M THE KING! HAHAHA I’M THE NEW KING DAMNIT! I DEFEATED GODZILLA! HAHA!!’ He triumphantly screamed in a tone of disbelief, but astonished. He screamed it to the world. ‘I’M THE KING! I’M THE KING!’




i've officially left. thanks for the memories!
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2KMember3193 XPJun-03-2021 11:17 AM

Krystalak is gonna have some people after him now...

I like this

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


ConversationalistMember1447 XPJun-03-2021 11:24 AM

yep xd

random fact:

'That's it, party's over' is a direct quote from Party of One just because i felt like it

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


2KMember3193 XPJun-03-2021 11:29 AM

Cool, I didn’t catch that

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

Die-hard Spino Fan

InitiateMember486 XPJun-03-2021 12:04 PM


That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


ConversationalistMember1447 XPJun-03-2021 12:05 PM


How's ZC going?

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!

Die-hard Spino Fan

InitiateMember486 XPJun-03-2021 2:17 PM

Hmm, I guess it is june. It’s going alright. Did you see the new chapters yet?

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


2KMember3193 XPJun-03-2021 2:20 PM

Die-hard Spino Fan

Ive noticed Fan Fictions ointment appearing in the topics anymore, maybe that’s why some haven’t seen it

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


ConversationalistMember1447 XPJun-03-2021 2:20 PM

there is a specific reason tho lol

YES very nice! some of this chapter was actually somewhat inspired by the vs Dagon fight

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


2KMember3193 XPJun-03-2021 2:22 PM


It has a new chapter

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


ConversationalistMember1447 XPJun-03-2021 2:30 PM

ah nice

ill see it

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!

Die-hard Spino Fan

InitiateMember486 XPJun-04-2021 7:48 AM

The reason is Chris is still moving some of the fanfics in the forum but that’s from like a few weeks ago. Idk what’s the reason now. 

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


ConversationalistMember1447 XPJun-04-2021 8:02 AM

yeah it's just kinda glitched for now

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


ConversationalistMember1447 XPJun-09-2021 11:31 AM


(song: i couldn’t think of anything else...EDIT: i changed it lol)



Krystalak was giddy. He just bested Godzilla in combat, after all. He was so excited and full of newly found energy that he sprinted all the way to a nearby volcano.


Obsidius. Resident lava monster, voice of reason, and Krystalak’s older brother. Well, by a few hours, Krystal would often like to point out. ‘OBSIDI’S NOT GONNA BELIEVE THIS! I BET HE’LL BE SO JEALOUS! HAHAHA!’ The white-and-magenta kaiju thought as he sped. Lava didn’t particularly hurt him, but it definitely was not pleasant. This didn’t bother the delinquent kaiju-now-king. He was just excited to brag. ‘OBSIDI!! OBSIDIUS! OBSIIIDIIIIUUUUUUSSS! GUESS WHAT!?!’ He screamed with all his might as he streaked across the black rocks. After actually being within earshot, the magma kaiju lifted himself from the volcano. He sighed heavily. ‘Yes, Krysta-’ he began, before the synapsid, enthusiastic as could be, tackled him and shrieked ‘OBSIDIIII! I’M THE KING NOW! I DEFEATED GODZILLA!’. Obviously, Obsidius was taken aback. He would’ve rubbed his eyes in astonishment if he had any. His mouth was agape. ‘WHAAAT?!’ He gasped, shaking his head. ‘BELIEVE IT, CAUSE IT’S TRUE! JUST LOOK AT THESE BITE MARKS!’ The synapsid said, gesturing to the puncture wounds on his neck from when Godzilla had tried to break it. ‘HE WOULD’A KILLED ME TOO, IF I WASN’T SO DETERMINED TO WIN!’ He continued on. ‘Determined to win?’ Obsidius realized with a frown, just now noticing how banged up his little brother was. ‘Hopefully more like determined to live.’ He slowly pushed Krystalak off of him. ‘You have to stop putting unnecessary things like winning before your own wellbeing, Krystalak.’ The crystal kaiju whimpered. ‘You’re no fun, you know that Obsidi? You never even try fighting! It’s fun!’ Krystalak told him off. Obsidius rolled his metaphorical eyes. ‘Yeah yeah, mutilating people and yourself to near death, or even death, sounds so fun. I would love that.’ He snarked. Krystalak grumbled.


‘Now come on, let’s go get you cleaned up. I’ve also found some health crystals which you DESPERATELY need right now.’ Obsidius climbed out of sight under the lava before suddenly reappearing after burrowing under the base of the volcano. The two crystal-born kaiju made their way into a cave. ‘You know, you really should just make an entrance to your house;’ Krystalak went on, ‘Like my mountain. I learned to dig JUST to make one!’ Obsidius laughed. ‘You definitely learned how to so you could fight better.’ Krystalak looked away. ‘....Ok...maybe….fine, you got me.’ He chuckled. The rock beast playfully punched his younger brother’s arm. ‘I’m just messing with you. You probably learned too because you saw me do it.’ Krystalak was about to reject that statement, before he was interrupted. ‘Oh, here we are.’ Obsidius stopped. He gestured to the large glowing blue rock. ‘All yours.’ Krystalak lit up and without a second thought dove straight through the crystal and shattered it. He felt a lot better. ‘Thanks, Obsidi!’ He chirped. Obsidius nodded. It was almost jarring how ferocis and borderline insane he seemed around other people but was all fluffy bunny around him. The rock monster wasn’t really complaining, it was better than having his brother go ballistic on him.

‘Here, sit down.’ Obsidius ordered. He lowered the body temperature in his arm and scooped up water from a pool in the cave. He then proceeded to rub it all over Krystalak’s face. The crystal kaiju sputtered. ‘Jeez, not this again!’ He groaned. ‘We don’t have anything else to wipe you off with, so this is the best I can do.’ His older brother said. When he was done he backed up. ‘It’s not perfect, but now your hide isn’t red.’ He chuckled. Krystalak started laughing too. ‘Yeah, I didn’t know I was an octopus!’ He stretched like a cat and yawned. ‘Well, I’ma go to sleep. I’m exhausted.’ He looked up at his brother, who had his head tilted to the side with a grin. ‘Well you did just fight Godzilla, I’d be tired too. I’m not stopping you, you probably should go get some rest.’




After saying their goodbyes, Krystalak was out with a grin on his face. He was the king now, after all! As he made his way to the mountain where he lived, he caught the smell of someone he’s never seen before. It was...hmmm...let’s see here, across the forest...near the mountain...wait, a mountain? At the ranges he lived at? WAIT! THAT WAS HIS HOUSE! Krystalak gasped and jetted to his mountain. ‘BETTER NOT BE TRASHING MY PLACE! DAMMIT!’ He shrieked internally. As he got there, he saw something. It was small, much smaller than most kaiju, but it was definitely still a kaiju. It looked like some kind of cross between a tick and a caterpillar. It was grey with long, red eyes. It had what looked like..a beak or something? It caught sight of the raging crystal beast and gasped timidly. ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT?!’ Krystalak roared. He bellowed what seemed to be an Alpha call. The fear in the insectoid kaiju’s eyes increased as it scurried away as fast as it could. To Krystalak, this wasn’t fast enough and he ran over, picked up the kaiju, and threw it. ‘GET OUTTA ‘ERE, AND STAY OUT! THIS IS THE NEW KING’S HOUSE, GOT THAT WORM?!’ He screamed. He normally would’ve just killed it on the spot, but he was just tired. And in a slightly better mood than normal. He crawled up the hole he had dug that led up to the opening of a cave and the top of the mountain. He let out one last Alpha call to scare off any more trespassers, and he drifted off to sleep.


i've officially left. thanks for the memories!

Die-hard Spino Fan

InitiateMember486 XPJun-09-2021 4:08 PM

Oh woah. The relationship between obsidius and Krystalak is like me and my brother. I’m kinda like krystalak. I loved the way you personified them. And now I think I might be under compensating for my humanization. Nevertheless, an absolutely amazing chapter. 

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


ConversationalistMember1447 XPJun-09-2021 4:55 PM

thanks! i just felt really motivated to write lol. and this is how i basically see them xd

i think your personified personalities are good! ^^


they were kinda inspired by me and my siblings, and the Curtis brothers

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


2KMember3193 XPJun-09-2021 5:16 PM

MUto (I think im not sure, ANd I think I should stop the paranthesis now so I will): Hello there

I liked it…

IM not sure who i relate to more Krystalak or Obisidius

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


ConversationalistMember1447 XPJun-09-2021 5:22 PM

m  u  t  o

thanks :DD not sure either

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


ConversationalistMember1447 XPJun-23-2021 9:51 PM


dont question why i posted this at like 12:50

This chapter is based on an old fight that sadly never happened that I planned to write. So I decided to write it in this story.



I’m just happy to be finally writing hand was just itching to.


(song: it makes sense as soon as you read the first line lol. And it picks up just at the right time, if you read at the same speed i do)








Mothra had heard the Alpha call. ‘Eeehh...Godzilla? He’s awake? Wait, no. That’s not him. It’s not Ghidorah either.’ She crawled from under the opening of the temple and opened her wings and lifted. She flew. ‘Who is this mysterious Alpha? Did something happen to Godzilla? That can’t possibly be!’ Thought the moth as she flew all the way to the mountains.


Beeeeee….beeeeee...meeee beee…’

‘What in the world could that possibly be?’

It sounded like the cry of a helpless baby, not unlike a Mothra caterpillar. The Queen stopped in her tracks and instinctively looked down to see a grey larva. It was plump like a tick and its lower half tapered into one like not unlike a caterpillar’s. It had long red eyes. It looked helpless and badly hurt. The moth’s motherly instincts drove her to land and comfort the creature. ‘Oh, little one, what happened? You poor thing!’ She cried as she wrapped a wing around it. It sniffled. ‘Big white...crystal...throw me. Hurt!’ It timidly squeaked. ‘Awww, poor baby. Don’t worry, I’m here now. Where were you when the crystal person hurt you?’ She asked, hoping to get enough answers to give this kaiju a piece of her mind. The larva lifted its face out of her chest fur and looked to the mountains and pointed. She immediately narrowed her eyes. ‘Krystalak.


(song: couldn’t barely think of anything so have this! Its still relevant!)


Krystalak awoke from his sleep and stretched. Time for his first full day of kingly duties! He yawned and put in one more good streeeeetch! before he dashed into the cave and appeared from the hole that was dug (the “door”). He inhaled deeply and took in his surroundings. Krystal walked to a lake to drink. He saw a couple kaiju in the distance but they were far enough away from his territory for him to care. They did look remarkably similar to some kind of synapsid. As he drank leisurely, he saw something skimming in the lake. He assumed it was nothing and he didn’t bat an eye. Suddenly, it started rushing towards him!





The crystal kaiju leaped back as the faintly red blur under the water screamed at him. He growled at it. The blur jumped from the water with a splash. GIANT CRAB THING!


‘THE HECK?! A GIANT FREAKING LOBSTER?’ Krystalak shrieked. He hated lobsters. He never trusted them, with their freakish weird eyeballs and giant claws. ‘SO YER THE NEW ALPHA!’ The lobster cried. ‘LET’S JUST SEE HOW TOUGH YA ‘RE!’ Was the giant lobster seriously challenging him? Time for cappon magro. Krystalak leaned on the floor on all fours. ‘I DID FIGHT AND DEFEAT GODZILLA SINGLE-HANDEDLY! I’LL WHIP YER ASS WITH YER OWN TAIL, OVERGROWN SHRIMP!’ He boomed. Before the red crustacean could prepare, the King cackled and zoomed towards him. He pushed the lobster into the lake and began to wrestle him. He grabbed hold and twisted off an antenna as the lobster yelped. The crustacean clobbered the synapsid with his pincers and dragged him farther from the surface. Damn, this was a deep ass lake. He could just see the surface, yet it was so far…


Damn Krystal, snap out of it! YOU’RE GOING TO DROWN!’

He screamed to himself.


He snapped his head down to his enemy and hit him upside the head with a surprise swing of the tail. The lobster refused to let go. Krystalak was almost gasping for air at this point, so he decided to get it over with. As the crystals glowed, the red kaiju attempted to drag him farther down.


Prism Surge!

Right to the face, the oversized shrimp gargled and let go. The crystal beast cried with joy and leaped from the water with an over exaggerated gasp. He turned behind him to see the disoriented lobster rise again. ‘WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?! SOMETHIN GOT YER ANTENNAE IN A PINCH?!’ Krystalak yelled back. ‘I was testin’ yer strength,’ he tilted his head, ‘New Alpha.’ he chuckled. ‘YA ALMOST KILLED ME!’ The King shrieked. See, this is why he hated lobsters! You can never trust them! ‘HAPPY?!’ He jumped back again. ‘Who are you anyway??!’ The lobster raised his claw in a passive manner. ‘Ebirah.’ He pointed. ‘You are?’


‘Krystalak. Now scram before I boil you alive.’


‘You almost did that anyway.’


The therapsid growled. This dude just won’t leave him alone. ‘Ok. I get it. Now go! NOW!’ Krystalak was in a ‘mood’. Great way to start the day. ‘Ok! Ok! Gimme a sec, then I’ll be outta yer….crystals.’ He turned tail and began to retreat. Finally. This Ebirah guy will give him a break. He let out an exasperated sigh. He turned only to be hit in the face full-speed with raging moth fury.

‘OW! THE F-’





Oh no.

He tumbled back with the sudden force. Mothra lifted herself higher into the air. ‘KRYSTALAK.’ She said in a stern voice. She may not have looked like it, but Mothra was damn scary when she wanted to. ‘WHAT? WHAT DID I DO?!’ He barked. ‘You know.’ She motioned to the area where the worm kaiju had been thrown the previous night. ‘WHAT? W-’ He started before he was interrupted. ‘The MUTO!’ The Queen yelled. ‘What the fu- is a MUTO...OOOH that worm thing? Yeah, that little brat was trespassing on my property!’ He argued. ‘You shouldn’t have thrown them! That poor thing was stuck in the cold all night, all beaten up! Why would you do that to a poor baby like them? You need to be more responsible!’ She argued back. ‘I am! By protecting my territory! Everyone does it!’

‘Just because ‘everyone is doing it’ doesn’t mean you need to chuck children miles away! Is this what you do for fun? Drop kick babies?’ Mothra snarked to him. ‘N-no! No I don’t! Not unless they break into my house! And don’t you have anything better to do?’ Krystalak snapped. Mothra surveyed the area with a mocking expression. ‘Well, do I?’ She said after viewing the pretty non-eventful area. ‘Uh, ignore what I said. But I’M SORRY, OK? I WON’T DO THAT AGAIN ALRIGHT? NOW GET OFF MY TAIL!’ He scrambled back. ‘Krystalak, do you know what being in your position entails?’ The moth suddenly replied. ‘What? What’s that have to do with kids?’



‘Don’t what me. You’re the king now, Krystalak. That is a huge responsibility. I know you’re new to this, but I’m pretty sure you would have some common knowledge! Krystalak, do you know what this responsibility entails?’

He was about to double down but was without an answer.

‘DO YOU? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS RESPONSIBILITY MEANS?’ She quickly snapped in a stern, angry tone. Krystalak looked away with a sheepish expression. ‘DO YOU KRYSTALAK?’

‘You’re a king now. Start acting like one.’

‘Y..yes m’am.’ He nodded.

Mothra sighed. ‘I know you will, Krystalak. I know you have it inside you. I expect you to make the right choices.’ Then she was gone.


Krystalak let out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding. ‘Goddamn…’



What in the ever-loving crystal bed was that?


‘An Alpha call…’

Krystalak would now have to put Mothra’s speech to the test. From the sounds of it, this call was miles...MILES away. Better start going.


This was going to be a fun one.


Little did he know, this encounter would be one of the most important ones in his life.


i've officially left. thanks for the memories!


2KMember3193 XPAug-25-2021 9:20 AM

I thought this might apply to the situation

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


ConversationalistMember1447 XPAug-25-2021 10:39 AM

yes, this was the very important character Krystal was going to meet next chapter, how dare you spoil it



jk lol

i've officially left. thanks for the memories!
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