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Problems in Time Travel and shows

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Aug-06-2020 12:23 PM

 As I watch the show Timeless and other such interesting shows, there are at least two or three problems that never get resolved. One is changing history. Even the slightest action could change something in history that "we" would never realize. Indeed, we don't know at any given moment whether our world is the result of a change in history or not. In the case of Timeless, the heroes worry that the bad guys will change history, but in fact even the slightest activity of any of them could make a major change. Second, the use of hairstyles, language and gestures can easily be a giveaway in a time travel situation. Repeatedly the heroes on Timeless use contemporary English that would be totally unfamiliar even 60 years ago, not to mention hairstyles (and Rufus' beard). These issues are never resolved. Any thoughts??

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Aug-07-2020 3:46 PM

Because time travel can causes instantaneous changes, we ourselves may be living in an existence where history changes all the time. Right now we all know that JFK was killed in Dallas on 11/23/63. But an instant ago it may have actually been Nixon, and yet we know nothing of it because someone could have changed the events then that changed our entire history in an instant. Theoretically this could go on ad infinitum and we'd never be able to know about it!


Aug-07-2020 4:08 PM

Take also the episode about John Kennedy in Timeless, Season 2. Rittenhouse wanted to kill him for various reasons, but already knew he would be killed in Dallas after only 2 and a half years in office. So was his assassination in 1963 a Rittenhouse action AFTER the creation of the time machine, or a coincidence that benefited Rittenhouse? For that matter, what was Rittenhouse doing in the world BEFORE there was a time machine to be able to plant sleepers in history? Were they merely failing to gain power again and again?!


Oct-23-2020 8:13 PM

That's a way broad explanation Duvy. Anyways, it's interesting. Thanks. https aka ms remoteconnect

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