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This indie comic needs you!

This indie comic needs you!

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Macabre Comics

NoobMember14 XPMar-14-2020 9:25 AM

I am currently working on a Horror/Comedy Anthology comic. It will feature 3 segments. I have decided on one such segment, but I would like feedback on the next 2 segments. Please comment the 2 you would like to see the most in the comic out of these 5.

.A story involving a Gilman type creature

.A giant monster attacking a small town

.A werewolf shaman living in new mexico

.Living scarecrows terrorizing a town

.A cyclops in the mountains

Thanks for reading. Please do note the art is the best I can do.


4 Responses to This indie comic needs you!


NoobMember15 XPMar-15-2020 1:02 PM

got to be a giant monster attacking a small town . . . got it lovecraftian . . .pleeeeeeease

Macabre Comics

NoobMember14 XPMar-15-2020 2:59 PM

Lovecraft is the way to go.


NoobMember11 XPMar-21-2020 9:05 PM

2 and 3 are my favorites, with 5 being the runner-up.

Macabre Comics

NoobMember14 XPMar-22-2020 11:16 AM

Thanks for the feedback.


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