Resident Evil 3 remake Nemesis trailer+ new screenshots

Resident Evil 3 remake Nemesis trailer+ new screenshots

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Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1191 XPJan-14-2020 9:11 AM

A new trailer for the Resident Evil 3 remake is here. If Nemesis with a minigun and a rocket launcher wasn't enough, there he is jumping around with a flame thrower.


New screenshots via PlayStation blog:

21 Responses to Resident Evil 3 remake Nemesis trailer+ new screenshots


LegendMember8212 XPJan-14-2020 9:58 AM

Nice! RE2 was very well received and RE3 will likely be the same. 

Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1191 XPJan-15-2020 1:51 PM

Render of Nemesis via VGB:

I find it odd how unlike the Tyrant T-00 (Mr.X) who has an ulster coat, Nemesis has wrappings all over his torso and arms with caution stickers. He still looks sick.


LegendMember8212 XPJan-15-2020 1:57 PM

Both are cool intimidating creatures but I think Tyrant is a bit more frightening than Nemesis. Nemesis is loud and aggressive while Tyrant (Mr X) are quiet, calm and just don't stop.

Also, I think Nemesis was a mutated human who kind of did the right thing (if we go by the movies).

Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1191 XPJan-15-2020 2:16 PM

According to the original RE3 game lore, Nemesis was just a T-103 infected with some kind of parasite which granted him a better healing factor, greater intelligence, strength, agility, etc., than the typical T-103 model (T-00). Idk what they changed in the remake. There is one manga comic where Nemesis was a boxing champion that was captured by evil umbrella exec. and was experimented on. It's not canon, but it's an interesting read, there he got to fight G-Birkin.

T-00 appears to have near-human intelligence, he just walks around, can open doors, lacks any emotions (which I do find creepy), just does what order it was given. If zombie attacks you, T-00 will just stand and watch. Also when you start climbing the ladders, T-00 will stop and watch you climb the ladder like it's thinking "okay, that's interesting, I didn't know I can do that, lemme try." 

Nemesis, on the other hand, as stated above, is more intelligent and can think. It will be interesting to see how he will interact with other NPC's in the game. 

But at least they're not like that bastard and the half Xenomorph from Alien: Isolation.


LegendMember8212 XPJan-15-2020 2:36 PM

But at least they're not like that bastard and the half Xenomorph from Alien: Isolation. Been a long time since I plyed the game and don't recall what that means.

Also when you start climbing the ladders, T-00 will stop and watch you climb the ladder like it's thinking "okay, that's interesting, I didn't know I can do that, lemme try."  That would make an interesting game mechanic. Climb a ladder and set a trap at the top. The catch would be that it learns and your tricks would only work a couple times- so the player would have to be prudent on actions observed by the creature.

Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1191 XPJan-15-2020 2:58 PM

"don't recall what that means"

Basically, you can outrun T-00, stun him with a flash grenade, shoot him in the head, see how he operates and you can mess with him. When he grabs you, you can free yourself with a knife (if you have one).

And yes, as I mentioned before when the player is climbing the ladder, T-00 will just stand and watch.

Xenomorph, on the other hand, is unpredictable, you have to be quiet when he's around and when he's far, you can't outrun him, and once he gets you it's an instant kill and you can't free or defend yourself (unless you have a flamethrower that you later get). Alien isolation is a lot more difficult and stealthier game.




LegendMember8212 XPJan-15-2020 3:10 PM

I never saw that in Alien: Isolation......and couldn't craft enough grenades to toy with enemies...........

That video almost looks like a glitch? If it works (sort of like the old GOW orb glitches) in normal game play, exploit away!

Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1191 XPJan-16-2020 11:52 AM

It's not a glitch, T-00 does that when you start climbing the ladder. T-00 also can't enter save rooms (except that large room where you first met Marvin). I remember one time when I was trying to run away from T-00, one zombie suddenly got a hold of me. And while I was fighting the zombie off, T-00 was just standing there and watching. Only when I freed myself, T-00 attacked. I wonder if a similar thing will happen in RE3 Remake.

When I first saw Jill's new face, I thought its Milla Jovovich, but it turns out its Sasha Zotova.

I really don't mind her new look.



2KMember4122 XPJan-16-2020 12:42 PM

I hate Jill's new face she looks too similiar to Milla, please capcom bring back Julia Voth's jill face. 

Also the original Nemesis wasn't some dude who was turned into Nemesis he was a T-103 Tyrant who used to be an orphan child infected with the Nemsis parasite.


Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1191 XPJan-16-2020 12:56 PM

If Jill's face scared you that much, no need to worry, I'm sure there will be mods for download where you'll be able to replace Jill's model with Jill's RE 1 model.

Somebody made a Jill Valentine mod for RE2 remake, Claire.


AtmanAdmin22228 XPJan-16-2020 1:08 PM

NICE! You could have front-paged this Nebula, this is great! I will move it to the homepage and credit you. I'm very much looking forward to this!

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2KMember4122 XPJan-16-2020 4:51 PM

Julia Voth's Jill should of have been used in Resident Evil 3 Remake from the get go



LegendMember8212 XPJan-16-2020 11:08 PM

And while I was fighting the zombie off, T-00 was just standing there and watching.

This sounds interesting and I haven't been able to play it. How can one tell that actual learning by observation happens? Is the AI actually that good?

Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1191 XPJan-18-2020 12:42 PM

Yes, he does that. It's also apparent in this vid:

It reminds me of one time In alien isolation when one working Joe slammed me against the wall and started choking me. Xenomorph then rushed towards us, pushed Joe away and grabbed me. I wonder If Nemesis will do the same thing with zombies.

Back to Nemesis' design, I just re-analyzed the new trailer and noticed that Nemesis also has his face covered up.  

I wonder if that particular scene in the trailer takes place slightly after Nemesis kills Brad, Jill runs into the building and there's a game of cat and mouse. 

It also makes me wonder when Nemesis' face is revealed if Jill will comment on his appearance and call him ugly mother****er or something.

We shall see in 3 months.


LegendMember8212 XPJan-18-2020 1:33 PM

It sounds like the AI will be pretty sharp. The baddy somehow knows human from nonhuman/synth. That could open up possibilities on mimicking non humans to survive.

Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1191 XPJan-18-2020 2:11 PM

T-00 does have pretty neat AI. This is what the RE2 remake director said regarding T-00's AI in a PCGAMER interview:

"If Tyrant loses track of the player, he is technically still searching for the player but will walk in random routes. He basically acts the same as if a real person is tracking you down, checking each section of the area and meticulously moving from one area to another. However, if he hears something nearby or potentially catches a glimpse of the player in the distance, he will definitely start aggressively tracking towards the direction of the player."

"I don’t want to divulge details, but what I can say is that if Tyrant doesn’t discover the player after a certain period of time, his senses do start to grow more sensitive making it easier to track you down."

"Fundamentally, gunfire will catch his attention the most. There will also be key moments in the game (such as finding an important item) that will force an encounter with Tyrant during those sections of the game."

Considering Nemesis is an improved model of T-00, it will be interesting to see how Nemesis' AI differs and acts better from T-00's AI. Based on the trailer, Nemesis can shoot out his tentacle and pull the player. I wonder if Nemesis will randomly burst through walls.



LegendMember8212 XPJan-19-2020 1:37 PM

It appears an enemy might make an appearance that was missing from RE2 remake.


Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1191 XPJan-20-2020 3:33 AM

I wouldn't be surprised if giant spiders appeared in RE3 remake. They appeared in the original RE1, RE1 Remake, original RE2, and in the original RE3. They were absent in the RE2 Remake. 

Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1191 XPJan-22-2020 6:10 AM

Somebody discovered alien/terminator easter egg.

Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1191 XPFeb-23-2020 1:26 PM

New in-game screenshots (spoilers):

This game will be awesome.

Dark Nebula

ConversationalistStaff1191 XPFeb-23-2020 1:34 PM

It appears that some concept art from the game is available here:

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