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Who is the first user on Scified?

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Ganimes V.8

Nov-02-2019 1:00 PM

Chris is the 3rd member,so who are the 2nd and 1st members?

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Nov-02-2019 11:25 PM

Just a guess- maybe Chris is the first member and the two above are admin above him who allow the site but don't participate?


Nov-02-2019 11:56 PM

Simple answer...

There are no users 1 & 2. Chris is technically the first user because he created all this, from scratch originally as User accounts 1 & 2, which are no longer open accounts, were likely accounts used for testing before went public.


Nov-02-2019 11:57 PM

Chris was first as it's his site, then Gavin, myself and a few others joined in 2011-2012 before the movie Prometheus launched. Once the movie came out we started getting more and more people. Not many of the original members are around anymore.

Ganimes V.8

Nov-03-2019 1:04 AM

Thanks,i went to his account once,and it said /member/3,and 2nd and 1st might have been for testing.

I Raptus

Nov-03-2019 1:07 AM

David and John Connor are members #1 and #2 respectively. 

You're welcome

Ganimes V.8

Nov-03-2019 1:16 AM

I did not find them.


Nov-04-2019 8:50 AM

I'm pretty sure Chris was first.

Ganimes V.8

Nov-04-2019 9:02 AM

MDK,Chris is the 3rd user.


Nov-04-2019 9:06 AM

Then what about what everyone else was talking about previously?

Ganimes V.8

Nov-04-2019 9:07 AM

It might be his site,but he is the 3rd member.The 1st and 2nd members might be for testing.

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