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My Favorite Sci-fi Movies/TV Shows/Comics

My Favorite Sci-fi Movies/TV Shows/Comics

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Ganimes V.8

Nov-02-2019 9:46 AM

Ah,i loved these as a kid,well,i didn't tell you what i liked other than Godzilla and Alien,so im gonna show you guys what i liked other than two mentioned.



I used the Zilla pic. because i had no other Godzilla picture,anyways,this,this movie was fantastic,not the best movie,but fantastic,as a child,i always asked my parents if i could buy some Godzilla figures,without this movie,you wouldn't have other kaiju movies like Gamera and Pulgasari.I remember watching one of the heisei movies.


As a kid,i was scared of these movies,but i watched them anyway,i remember putting her hands on face so i couldn't see the creepy deaths,when i was 9 or 8,me and my big sister decided to watch Aliens,Alien 3 and Alien ressurection,i wasn't scared at all,but it was fun watching those movies.


It might be one of the only ones better than Godzilla,i liked turtles back in the day,and this turtle was no exception,i liked how his teammates were kids and his abilities,i always wanted a turtle as a pet.

TV Shows:

Power Rangers

Well,it is Morphing Time,as a kid,those things were amazing,i still watch them today on Netflix,my favorite Power Rangers series is Dino Thunder,like the whole plot is that something happens and then they battle the bad dude then the bad dude becomes giant and then they use their robots to form a bigger robot and battle the bad dude and win.



The only way to explain this is,the toys,even thought i was around 17 or 18,i still had fun with them and it was a cool idea,and the comics,the comics a damn long story,im not gonna tell the whole story,DAMN,even the canisters that the Bionicle toys are in can be used to play,because in the short film,the Toa get out of the canisters,and thats what the canister had to do with the toy!Also,there were DC comics with Bionicle,and that was the only way DC can overtake Marvel.

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Nov-02-2019 4:40 PM

Movies: Jurassic Park/World, Alien, Predator, and Lord of the Rings

Games: Resident Evil (pre-4), Jurassic Park Licenced games, The Sims, Age of Empires, Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo, among many others 


Nov-02-2019 8:47 PM

Movies: Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Jaws, and a bunch of others that I forget. Those are the top 3 for me, though, and in that order from favorite to third favorite.


Games: Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, The Isle, Jurassic World Evolution, Godzilla 2015 for the PS3 (might rank a little higher if I had a PS4 lol), etc.


TV Shows: (No particular order) Primeval, Red V.S. Blue (not technically TV, but IDC), Godzilla The Series (LOVED it as a kid), and a bunch of others I'm forgetting.

If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done


Nov-02-2019 9:22 PM

Hm....hard to tell...

Movies: GODZILLA (probably any of them I can get my hands on), Jaws, and the Alien series peeks my interest...


Comics: I don't read many comics.


Games: Godzilla: Unleashed, Super Smash Bros...wait is that even a sci fi game? , (Most/all of these I haven't played but would like to,) Bioshock, Spore, Portal, Mega Man, Alien: Isolation (although it seems spoopy)


There ya go.

when you with your bff and your team wins 


Ganimes V.8

Nov-02-2019 11:44 PM

Bruh,im the only one which likes Tokusatsu?


Nov-02-2019 11:50 PM

The Isle was around when yall were kids?

Ganimes V.8

Nov-03-2019 6:14 AM

FLYLEAF,YOU LIKE SPORE?I ALSO LOVE IT!Im gonna buy it for my birthday,and my birthday is on 18 november,wait,we are in november.


Nov-03-2019 7:12 AM

I haven't played it but it looks epic

Ya get to make your own animal, which evolves over the span of thousands of years. Really cool sounding.

when you with your bff and your team wins 


Ganimes V.8

Nov-03-2019 7:16 AM

I know!I know the whole game!It simulates evolution.


Nov-03-2019 7:32 AM

y  e   p

when you with your bff and your team wins 


Ganimes V.8

Nov-03-2019 7:45 AM

Im gonna make a raptor.

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