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Podcast w creator of the LIGHTSABER & Designer of C3PO, R2D2!

Podcast w creator of the LIGHTSABER & Designer of C3PO, R2D2!


Jan-10-2019 8:25 AM

Hey all, check out this incredible conversation I had with Roger Christian, the original creator of the lightsaber, and many other pieces of the Star Wars universe. Roger was among the first 4 people hired directly by George Lucas to work on the original film in 1977, and is a true genius of film. 

He talks a lot about how on a limited budget, as a small rogue team, he parts from airplane scrapyards, old camera, and other odds and ends to create the look of a universe that is timeless. Roger also worked on Alien, has won an Oscar, and made the legendary short film "Black Angel" that George Lucas personally selected as the opening film for the "Empire Strikes Back" premiere in London.

It was a true pleasure to spend time with Roger and if you're a die hard Star Wars fan, or big SciFi fan, it's a great look into film history. Roger's also written a brilliant book about his history in cinema (Cinema Alchemist). 




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Jan-22-2019 8:12 PM

Where can I find the full podcast version of this? I am really interested in hearing more cable providers in my area of his experience about the creation of these characters and how he came across this character idea. It is really interesting to hear about these things.

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