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Tyrannus Universe: Currency

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Nov-11-2017 12:13 PM

*2 years ago, the formation of the USE by Emperor Isaac GG at a meeting with his generals and politicians.*

"Politicians and trusted Officers, I have finished our way of life. This is how things will go in my Empire."



Description: The most well known and abundant currency in all of the seventh Universe. Instrumented by the Emperor himself as a means to trade with all forms of sentient-life to further progress peace within his Universe. Units are a digitized form of currency, traded through the tapping of Unon Bands to exchange and receive funds. The success of this system expanded to the entirety of the civilized Multiverse.

Worth: 1 Unit is the universal change amount for 1, but the infinite copying of Units by the USE's banking HQ can produce a max number of 800 Quintillion Units. For comparison, Emperor Isaac has 500 Quintillion Units at his disposal at all times.

Accepted Planets: All within the 7th Universe.



Description: The most abundant physical currency in the Universe. These gemstones, believed to be small remnants of Force meteors from a time when the 7th Universe was being formed, are prevalent on all planets within Tyrannus. Colors vary, purple is the most common. Their small size allows the carrying of thousands at time inside one of Titan INCs Multi-Pouch, a pouch that can increase in size to carry near infinite amounts of resources, and can shrink back to a normal size for ease of movement.

Worth: Approximately 24 Units, this multiplies accordingly per amount.

Accepted Planets: All within the 7th Universe.



Description: Rare golden gems from Coruscant, Imperion, and an estimated 20 other planets. They glow bright gold and are mined already in their hexagonal shape. The complexity and rareness of these gems limits their exposure to half of all planets in the Universe.

Worth: 1 Dagobar is worth 600 Units, or 25 Ethins.

Famous Accepted Planets: Imperion, Coruscant, Stilla, Corton, Calilion, Lilia and Lilin, Gerudont, Maridia, and Eluryh.



Description: The rarest of all currencies, the Omniall. Only 500,000 have been found in the entirety of Tyrannus, each one in far out systems. They are believed to have come from the core of our Reality at the beginning of time, but no one really knows. No one truly knows what makes these crystals glow all of the colors, but as little as five of them can give power to a massive urban city. Imperiance is run on Omnialls, they power the floating buildings, lights, televisions, railways, floating cars and even the Emperor's Palace.

Worth: 1 Omniall is worth 50 trillion Units, or 2.1 trillion Ethins. The use of these crystals for power makes them more valuable than all other currencies.

Accepted Planets: Imperion, Coruscant, Stilla, Titania, and Garion.

Good grief.

8 Responses to Tyrannus Universe: Currency


Nov-11-2017 12:54 PM

Pretty cool, GG.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

I Meme Everything

Nov-11-2017 12:55 PM

How would someone get robbed of units? Lol

"Part of the journey is the end..."


Nov-11-2017 12:56 PM

They would have to hack into their Unon Band.

Good grief.

The Hooded Figure

Nov-11-2017 5:13 PM

Nice topic. I like the Omniall the most.

Something Real

Jan-23-2018 5:59 AM

GORILLAGODZILLA - This is amazingly neat! Entries such as this are some of my most favorite details - they bring the universe to life! I greatly enjoy the attention to exchange rates and planetary acceptance you have paid to this presentation! Fantastic work! :)

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