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21 years ago

21 years ago

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Aug-20-2017 6:52 PM

*Etheria, Universal Court Year 0. Eon = Talon V. 21 years before the present*

Lasers flew overhead, the heat from their beams nearly melting off hair from intergalactic warriors heads--and for those who they hit, doing much worse. A Multiverse Civil War has broken out, and not a soul is free from battling--husband or wife, father or mother, teenager or adult.

The war was on its last legs, and the winners were to be named the DAF--they would go on to rule for many many years before being destroyed in their entirety. The Rebellion battled hard and their soldiers were filled with a burning rage to keep their Universe a democracy.

The last great battle, the one that would close out this war for a decade and then some, took place on a once beautiful planet--Etheria. That purple world, which boasted the highest Force accumulation of all planets, and with its orange forests and green seas was gorgeous--but it would never be again after this battle.

8 billion lives were taken on this world, as the DAF conquested with ease the beautiful planet, turning it into a lingering soul filled wasteland. The last stand took place at a chasm, filled with pure liquid Force energy, a place that not a mortal soul could touch without ascending and becoming one with the Force instantly, leaving the physical world.

While the Rebellion was wiped out in the back of glistening bloody mountains, shined on by a red dwarf star, a husband and wife--now mother and father, rush to a safe location. The mother was pregnant with a child while drafted to this battle, and her father knew of it as-well. An infant was born in a cave amongst this carnage, unknowing of its place in the Multiverse, nor what it will eventually do.

The child, named Isaac, was the most Force attuned entity ever to be born in the history of time. His mere presence nearly tore down mountains in the distance, and his mother and father knew of his power. As they attempted to escape the planet, someone or, something--stopped them, appearing from space-time itself. The parents were defeated in the battle, and the infant was left to face this Demon alone.

The child bared around his neck a symbol, a long forgotten language to most, but it could be recognized as--GG, in basic language. The Demon raised his spiked hand up, and slammed it down towards the child, but it made a fatal mistake--and doubted the child's power, of whom blew it away with a shear yell of fear. The wind gust caused by the energy blasted the infant directly into the Etherin liquid, and he vanished into a dimension unknown by any living.

He would be seen again however, yes, he would. But his destiny is reaching its finish line now.



Good grief.

5 Responses to 21 years ago

Something Real

Aug-20-2017 6:58 PM

GORILLAGODZILLA - Oh, gosh! This is quite neat! I very much enjoyed the way in which you described the past events which lead to your character's present! Excellent work! I am looking forward to seeing how this will all impact our stories in the future! :)

The Hooded Figure

Aug-20-2017 6:59 PM

I like the manner in which in everything was described. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen.


Aug-20-2017 7:00 PM

Very cool, GG.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.


Aug-20-2017 7:01 PM

This topic is crucial to this "final" arc. Finish line has multiple meanings btw.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

Aug-20-2017 8:38 PM


"Part of the journey is the end..."

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