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Tyrannus Universe: Best Materials

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Jul-22-2017 9:23 PM

*Imperial representative.*

Scientists from ISL (Imperial State Labs) have documented a comprehensive list of the greatest materials and the rarest in our Universe.


Malanium (7/10 on strength charts. Only mine-able when the moon shines on atmosphere hardened Space Titanium. Can contain vast amounts of Malice and discharge it via the mental aptitude levels of its user.)

Vibranium (8/10 on the strength chart. Nearly unbreakable, can survive Ki blasts. Usable in manufacturing armor, weapons, and shields)

Adamantium (8.5/10 on the strength chart. Nigh-indestructible. Only the highest power levels can destroy it, but it is rarer than a red diamond.)

Etherinium (9/10 on the strength chart. Not touchable by flesh, will corrupt severely and irreversibly. If used to make weapons can devastate solar systems.)

Olympianum (9.5/10 on the strength charts. Extremely rare metal from Tartarus, formerly Olympus, a lost galaxy. Can devastate galaxies when amplified with a powerful ray, and can only be destroyed by a power-level above 9000. The vastness of the Universe and the general mystery of the Olympus galaxy makes finding this metal nearly impossible, therefore its true properties are unexplored.)

Draconium (10/10 on the strength chart. Indestructible by non-holy magic amplified weaponry. Can be used for armor, swords, shields, and to amplify gun power. It is hard to acquire as trade routes with Draco are not the best and are commonly mugged by Space Pirates.)

*Polymers, fabrics*

Magnolin (Spandex-like polymer. Used for advanced body mobility, increases strength and speed of wearer by compressing musculature and harnessing it into fists and feet. Some say the man who wears red and swings across Imperiance uses this fabric for his suit.)

Lilin (Comfortable, stretchy, for everyday wear. Exported from Lilia and Lilin, brother and sister planets. Very common, very comfortable.)

Zanyester (Loose, comfortable fabric. Used for pants, high quality suits, and under-suits for infantry.)

Ydorine (Pronounced, Dorine, this polymer is both tight and stretchy. Fit for active wear, but not as high quality as Magnolin.)

Good grief.

7 Responses to Tyrannus Universe: Best Materials


Jul-22-2017 9:56 PM


Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

I Meme Everything

Jul-23-2017 8:05 AM

Is Etherinium from the Etherin Chasm?

"Part of the journey is the end..."


Jul-23-2017 8:29 AM

^Yes! It's a hardened form of Etherin liquid from the planet's chasm.

KotM, tell me about Olympianum? I'm just now hearing about it.

Good grief.

The Hooded Figure

Jul-23-2017 9:40 AM

Olympianum is an element that makes up Jax's suit and the Kronos itself. Depending how much of the Olympianum is used also depends how much damage it can receive. The Kronos, being an example as it is near invincible-like, is capable of destroying an entire universe itself.

It can only be found on Olympus, but because the attacks done upon it from the Dark-Hooded Figure and the sudden freezing, snowy, blizzardy wasteland takeover of Jax's entire world, 2/3 of the Olympianum were destroyed.

It was the strongest, most durable, most powerful metal from Jax's galaxy before its near-destruction. The only Olympianum currently available is that of serving as armor-purposes for Jax's suit and Kronos itself. Olympianum can still be found on Olympus, but it would be extremely difficult to find due to its scarcity.

The element of Olympianum itself could also be used for different purposes, however. Whether for building and strengthening militaries, turning worlds into developed superpowers, etc. Only the very powerful beings in existence - if able - can permanently destroy the Olympianum utilized which the Dark-Hooded Figure proved to be one.


Jul-23-2017 10:18 AM

Added to metals.

Good grief.

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