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Projected Winner of the Godzilla Forum Senate Election!

Projected Winner of the Godzilla Forum Senate Election!

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Dec-15-2016 5:23 PM

*The Emperor broadcasting to you now*

Hello citizens *waves hand*, I am hear to announce the winner of the G-Forum Senate Election.

It was an unbelievable battle. From the beginning of the polls at 10 last night, Ultrazero of the Sorites had assumed the lead and was holding onto it rather tightly--3-1. Early the morning of Dec 15, however, it came to be that the votes were 4-2, then 4-3, then 4-4. The Militaristic Imperites, who mind you had no candidate, were slaughtering the Sorites on momentum--they tied the election by 11!

The tides then turned, as the Imperites won the Godzilla Video Games district--making it 5-4. The election kept becoming more unpredictable, with it becoming 5-5, then amazingly 6-5 in favor of the Imperites. The Sorites seemed to have lost by 7, but by then the election was too close to call--so I extended it. Before I announce the final vote tallies, here are the designated winners of each district of the Godzilla Forum.

The projected winner of the Godzilla: Resurgence district is the Sorites, 80% for them to 20% for the Imperites. The projected winner of Godzilla Merchandise district is the Imperites, 70 to 30 %. The projected winner of the Godzilla Video Games district is also the Imperites, 90% to 10%. The projected winner of Godzilla Fan Works is Ultrazero of the Sorites, 60% to 40%.

The election came down to one final district, the Godzilla 2014 district. It was tied all day, and the Imperites gained the lead going into the final hour. At the last minute though, the Sorites amassed two more votes and surpassed the Imperites by flipping the Godzilla 2014 district, 53.85% to 46.15%--making Ultrazero80 the first senator of the USE. The final vote tally was 7 for the Sorites, and 6 for the Imperites.

The projected winner of the Godzilla Forum Senate Election is Ultrazero80.

Popular vote winner: Ultrazero80

District winner: Ultrazero80

Momentum winner: The Imperites

Party in control of the Godzilla Forum: Sorites

Election winner: Ultrazero80

I am proud to move forward and work with the Godzilla forum's new senator, I'm sure he will be a great one!

Good grief.

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Something Real

Dec-15-2016 5:29 PM

*Jumps up and down as she cheers with joy*

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