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Universal login NOW active! Log in once and stay logged in across the Scified network!

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MartianAdmin19707 XPOct-25-2016 10:14 AM

It's been a long time coming and something I've been working on for a while now. Universal login for Scified and its network websites. As many of you know, Scified and its network is a personal hobby and passion project for me, so any developments made to the site require more time to launch, since we do not have a large team developing code.

Up until now, members would need to log in once on Scified and again on any site they visit across the network, like or, etc... This was sevrely impractical and caused some confusion - understandably. 

Today I am very pleased to announce that this will no longer be an issue. I have implemented code across the network that will "log you in" on every site in our network automatically upon signing in once and only once!

When you log into Scified, all other sites across the network hosted on different domains (ie. what most members call the "dark version" of Scified, due to the different color schemes) will update and ensure when you visit them, you remain logged in. 

This means, no more having to log in again and again to check your personal messages or edit your profile. This also means you will not need to log in again if you want to reply to a news article or forum topic that may be hosted on one of our network sites and not Essentially, the domain name change means nothing to the user and the switch will act more like a template change than anything.

This will make engaging across Scified so much easier and I hope everyone here enjoys the improved ease of use.

The only requirement is that your browser allow for third party cookies, but for most users, this option will be enabled by default. If you experience issues staying logged in when you visit a network site from Scified, or Scified from a network site after logging in, make sure to check this option and see if it's enabled before submitting a support email.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. Let me know if you have any questions or comments below!

5 Responses to Universal login NOW active! Log in once and stay logged in across the Scified network!


2KStaff3811 XPOct-25-2016 10:20 AM

Wow, a long time coming. Thanks Chris!

Good grief.

Darth Shiro

ContributorMember883 XPOct-25-2016 10:21 AM


Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...


RespectedMember1984 XPOct-25-2016 1:53 PM

Thank you so much Chris Picard for an extremely effective and efficient website for science fiction fans world-wide!


MartianAdmin19707 XPOct-25-2016 2:04 PM

No problem! Glad you guys enjoy it. Not having to log in repeatedly will definitely make posting and navigating so much easier. 


2KMember2267 XPOct-25-2016 3:51 PM

great job!  thank u Chris!




 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop


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