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Rogue One Fan Plot

Rogue One Fan Plot

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I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPOct-23-2016 8:45 AM

Ok, so I'm putting together a fan plot of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


The movie begins with Bodhi Rook, an Imperial deserter, crash-landing a TIE fighter on Jedha.  It then cuts to a flashback of Galen Erso greeting Director Krennic on an unknown planet.  Galen is captured as Jyn manages to get away, although a Deathtrooper takes her Stormtrooper doll.

It is Jyn experiencing the flashback in an Imperial prison on Jedha.  She is then broken out by some Rebel troopers, including Cassian Andor, who introduces her to K-2SO.  They manage to outrun some Imperial Hovertanks and AT-STs with the help of Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus, and Bodhi joins them.  The group meets Saw Gerrera and they escape in the U-Wing as the Death Star clears the planet, destroying it.


Cut to the Death Star, where Director Krennic and Darth Vader are stationed for the time being.  Krennic tells Vader that the power of the battle station is immeasurable, although the Sith lord is skeptical about the superweapon.  Krennic is sent to Scarif to oversee the Empire's mining operation.


Our heroes arrive at the rebel base on Yavin 4, where Mon Mothma explains to Jyn why she is there.  She tells her about the Death Star and her father's involvement in the project.  Jyn agrees to help so she can get her father out.  Mothma then reveals that they have located the Death Star plans on Scarif.  The Empire also happens to be mining for kyber crystals to power the Death Star's superlaser.


They travel to the planet in the U-Wing and a huge battle ensues.  The Rebels use X-Wings and the U-Wing, and the Empire uses their hovertanks, TIE Strikers, and AT-ACTs.  Jyn, Cassian, and K-2 infiltrate the base in disguise to get the plans.


They escape the planet just as a dissatisfied Darth Vader arrives and kills Krennic, granting the Rebels the location of Jyn's father.  (Quick side note: Knowing Darth Vader, he will probably do this as a trap).  Vader himself travels to the planet where Galen is being held, Eadu, and another battle between the Rebels and the Empire occurs when Jyn's team arrives.


Jyn breaks her father out with the help of her companions and attack Darth Vader.  Vader manages to kill many Rebel soldiers, but Baze Malbus manages to collapse a stone structure on top of the Sith, incapacitating him.


The Rebels contact Mon Mothma, telling her that they have the plans and Galen Erso within their grasp.  Mothma tells them to send the plans to Leia Organa to hide the location of the Rebel base.


Darth Vader's injuries are tended to, and he gets a new suit and cybernetics.  He sets out in the Devastator to retrieve the Death Star plans, setting the events of A New Hope in motion.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

2 Responses to Rogue One Fan Plot

Darth Shiro

ContributorMember883 XPOct-24-2016 7:20 AM

Nice plot.

Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPOct-24-2016 7:51 PM

LORD TYRANT - Most compelling! I am very pleased with your plot! Excellent work! Thank you ever so much for sharing this with us! :)

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