A Science fiction/Hero novel

A Science fiction/Hero novel

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InitiateMember349 XPApr-18-2016 7:06 PM

Hello scified all my life i have been thinking of writing books it started with short stories and novellas and now i am thinking of getting a book published. the novel in question is called brawl(the image right now is a place holder until my friend is actually done with the cover art image is from prototype and is a brawler)its heavily inspired by the game a Prototype but diffrent in many ways first off it is not apocalyptic like the game so no zombies,second the main character is a teen around sixteen,and third the powers are different with main character being able to summon tendrils(think scorpion from that god awful mortal kombat movie)any where from his body and hands and to turn into a tendril covered ferocious beast(like hulk almost) the story takes place in Mobile Alabama and will be rather violent and gritty but with some teenage humor mixed in it will also deal with tough issues that are real in the teenage community me being 15 know these first hand i have a basic origin story him being kidnapped and experimented stuff like that but that sounds really cliched so if you have any ideas you want to suggest im all ears thank you for your time and hope to hear from you

"i dont know what weapons will be used in world war 3 but i know what wil be in world war 4...sticks and stones"Albert Eienstien

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Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPApr-19-2016 3:43 AM

KAIJUFALL - I have only these words to offer: never give up on your dreams. There will be times when the weight of your work will seem heavier than you can hold, and the road to you must walk will seem to stretch on for countless miles. However, if you have the strength to carry your dreams all the way to the end of the journey upon which they will take you, you will find something so very special upon reaching your destination. I wish you the very best of luck, and you will have my support if ever you feel overwhelmed. Just remember the old African proverb: One eats an elephant by taking one bite at a time. :)


AtmanAdmin22767 XPApr-19-2016 9:32 AM

Right on man! Keep at it. You never know what it could turn into down the road.

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NoobMember0 XPApr-20-2016 2:32 PM

Sounds like it could be cool, but based on the way you wrote this article, you definitely need to work on your grammar (unless English is not your native language, and you are planning on writing it in a different language); that's just an honest opinion. Anyway, I hope you find success, and if you don't find it immediately, be persistent until you fulfill your dream!

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InitiateMember349 XPApr-20-2016 3:46 PM

@Vilivus thanks for the feedback where exactly are the mistakes in my post so i can fix them.English is my first language but im still bad at it XD

"i dont know what weapons will be used in world war 3 but i know what wil be in world war 4...sticks and stones"Albert Eienstien


NoobMember3 XPJun-17-2017 8:48 PM

Good concept. Give it a go. Remember the words are already there, you just have to arrange them in a pleasing manner. Good luck!


NoobMember13 XPFeb-13-2018 2:18 AM

Good Job. Keep on going. You will never know what happens unless you go on a trip for your dream.


NoobMember24 XPFeb-21-2019 10:00 AM

alright, remember..

1. heroes aren't monogamous

2. that's really important

3. it's always Broly, you always have to kill Broly

good Luck!

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