Where do you think the Kenobi spin-off film will be set?

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Moderator2KFeb-08-2016 12:55 PM

Either the time when Obi-Wan was watching over Luke as he grew, or I guess child Obi-Wan. Nonetheless it must be Ewan McGregor if it is Mid-life Obi-Wan.


What do you guys think?

Good grief.

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MemberNoobFeb-08-2016 9:15 PM

It'd be a foolish move on Disney AND Lucas Film's behalf NOT to do it. Especially since enough time has passed that it would make sense to have Mccgreggor reprise his role. (He's generally at the right age)


It's also known the McGregor is interested in doing another film, and last I heard he was in some sort of talks with disney.


Of course, we can't forget about his small vocal appearance in TFA. 


The possible problem is finding enough "Canon" like material to build a story on. He couldn't have just sat there on tatooine just rusting away. Although, it would've been severely dangerous for him to leave, as vader would've sensed it...


Interesting indeedly.

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MemberInitiateFeb-08-2016 9:20 PM

I don't see this movie actually coming about. We've seen too much of Obi Wan in the movies. We watched him progress as a mere padawan in Phantom Menace into an accomplished and wise jedi master by Revenge of the Sith. We've also seen him take the role of a hermit watching Luke from a far. 


The problem is the points of his life we haven't seen wouldn't be all that interesting. True you could make a movie about him as a young child, but it would be pretty similar to Phantom Menace, and Darth Maul is said to be the first Sith encountered by the jedi in 1000 years, with the sith working within their Rule of Two to gain power and hide from the jedi till the time was right. The trade federation had also just started their war so there wasn't an interesting point of large scale conflict before that, as the Republic didn't even has a military till the clone wars. 


The problem with looking at his life afterwards is that he simply watched over Luke from afar. He was in hiding so besides maybe fighting sand people I don't think you could make a movie about what he was doing. It would be like making a movie of Yoda going to Dagobah.


The anthology movies seem to be going in the wrong direction. While you could use them to expand the universe since the EU has been retconned and make movies older characters that are simply mentioned in the movies like Darth Bane and see the mentality he had for why he came up with something like the Rule of Two, or maybe Darth Plagueis who according to Palpatine found a way to beat death and is heavily suspected of being Palplatine's master, instead the anthology series so far takes characters we've seen and know about and tries to expand on them. Definitely the safe approach but not necessarily the right one. 



Moderator2KFeb-09-2016 8:15 AM

I agree with you Durp.

Personally I am not that big a fan of what Disney has done with Star Wars. TFA just didn't make any sense to me and seemed like a re-hash, I prefered ROTS 100% more.

And to be honest I don't really as of now trust what Disney will do with the franchise. I've heard rumors of Rogue One including Vader with James Earl Jones as the voice, so I will definitley see that.

Anyways, off-topic. I'm sure Obi-Wan and Yoda went on a few more adventures before Obi-Wan became an elder. Of course they had to hide from the Empire, but I'm sure Disney will come up with something.


Good grief.


MemberInitiateFeb-09-2016 8:35 PM

There was a comic(now retconned of course) called Old Wounds where while Luke was being raised by his uncle and aunt a crazed half machine Darth Maul shows up having tracked Obi Wan across the galaxy and used a young Luke as bait to draw out an aging Obi Wan to have their final fight. Something like this would pretty much be the only route I could see them take. While yoda might have done other things as he was just training alone in Dagobah, I don't think Obi Wan would have ever left Tatooine due to the sense of duty he had to watching over his old friend's child. 


Out of all the announced anthology movies I think Rogue One will be the best, I'm on the fence about the Han movie, but that's due to the good graces the character has from the original trilogy and now Force Awakens. The Boba Fett movie however is another story. The chararacter literally is only popular due to design and besides being Jabba's lacky is never seen doing anything of value in either of the two movies he was in. The highlight of his screen time was trailing the Millennium Falcon is Empire Strikes Back. His anti climatic death should show what a throwaway character he was meant to be. Now he gets a whole movie to himself.


The problem with what Disney is doing is they're looking for material from the much better original trilogy rather than looking into the maligned prequels, even though the prequels have characters that would be more interesting to follow. Hell even Jango Fett would be a huge upgrade over Boba, he fought Obi Wan, in a fairly even fight, and was the subject used for the clone army. He was ultimately killed, but only by Mace Windu one of the top two jedi in the order and a master.


While I love the original trilogy disney needs to start looking outside of it for ideas especially when they now have the ability to create a whole galaxy around the 50 so years we've seen in the movies so far. The first jedi, the first sith, what created the republic, what it was like the first time the sith ruled the galaxy. Instead we're dipping into characters that we know, and seeing what they did before. If you're going to do characters everyone knows and not go into the much more interesting characters of legends in the movies Obi Wan and Palpatine should have been the go to characters for the spin offs not Han and certainly not Boba Fett.


/rant over about badly used spin off ideas.


Moderator2KFeb-12-2016 12:32 PM


Good grief.

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