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Rey origin.

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Levryk Wildsbane

NoobMember0 XPJan-20-2016 11:24 AM

Ok I'm no expert, so if you disagree great please inform me why I am wrong, if your gonna be Co€k wad then please just eat a bag of d¥cks, k thaanks!

so my theory:

rey is a clone, how is this possible, we'll let me elaborate. While reading different theories on reincarnation of anakin, as well as plaguos (spelling) and other sith manipulation of mediclorians for anakin's virgin birth, and taking into account palpy's (emporer palpatine) musings to anakin about plagy's (plagous) desire to cheat death I came to this. 

when luke lost his hand to Vader, Vader was in prominence. That hand and accompaning blue light saber fell down that big ass whole. vader retrieved said hand and used it, along with clone tech and plagy's cheating death force manipulation he (Vader) tries to clone padme from the blood that still exists in lIke. Afterall saving padme was the motivation for basically everything Vader ever did. My evidence you ask?

this would explain the visions and connection Rey has to the blue light saber, it is hers since half of lukes blood was Anakins. 

Explain her connection to the force

explain why she can handle complex force stuff without training, she already had it both as Luke and anaki, ya know, muscle memory and such

why Leia and her have those weird looks but not Han and her, to resolve the theory she is Hans daughter. 

explains her complex droid/mechanic/pilot innate abilityness

C3P0 waking up, his original and second "masters" blood is recognized

she resembles both padme and Anakins mom

explains her lack of parents and lack of memory pre-abondonment

why kylo seems to sense something in her, while seeking the likeness of vader

 why kylo can't control her, or why she can resist him

why Luke, assuming it was his choice based on her remembering his hand on C3P0 in that flashback, abandoned her on a desert planet. It was the desert that made both him and anakin strong

why maz is secretive about the "story for another time" in regards to how she got the saber.

so I believe the idea for Rey started with vader, tho it was necessary for him to do it in secret so palpy didn't know. His work was interrupted with his death but was later discovered and carried out. Possibly by empire sympathisers hoping to bring back Vader, maybe by luke hoping to give his father a second chance, maybe by some other faction hoping to fulfill the prophecy. 

Either way it would fulfill the prophecy of balance, but like yoda said, not in the way it was imagined, but still by anakin tho strengthened by lukes blood and manipulated by mediclorians using clone tech while realizing the dream of Vader to save both his beloved padme and mother. Full circle redemption, story evolution, plausibility with out alienating longtime fans and newcomers alike, tying in all movie canon and delivering one hell of a twist



2 Responses to Rey origin.


InitiateMember425 XPJan-21-2016 6:26 AM

Not sure I can get behind this; some of it might make sense, but otherwise seems like you're overthinking things. A lot of these attributes can be chalked up to running in the Skywalker family. Strong with the force, insane piloting and technical know how were all shown in Luke and Anakin too, even Leia showed some ability with the force, and Kylo also has it.



Just wondering, are you basing this theory off the now noncannon Luuke Skywalker? The cloning from the cut off hand is pretty similar either way.


NoobMember24 XPFeb-23-2019 11:53 AM

I thought Rey was Athena, a person born in a lab isn't a CLONE, it's a person grown in a lab, you could hatch from an egg, it doesn't make your eyes glow yellow and black, unless they do

original star wars story break at

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