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Share your 2015 Halloween costumes!

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MartianAdmin19707 XPNov-01-2015 7:29 PM

Halloween 2015 has passed and for some, it was a great time to express their geeky side to the public. Myself included, this year I dressed up as Scorpion from the new Mortal Kombat X game. Last year I went a Scorpion from MK9, so I felt an updated look wouldn't hurt. My girlfriend went as Sonya Blade, so we matched haha. If you've got pics from your Halloween this year and wish to share, post them below!

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NoobMember0 XPNov-01-2015 9:44 PM

hey Chris thanks for share it with us, very sick costumes, I can not recall to see Sonya and Scorpion in such sweet situation :P She would be more like ..Not as tough as you look! after beat the s$%t out of him, a tough lady, so I must say I like the character she has chosen ^-^

The guys in Mad Max have been sharing their halloween costumes, I'm going to post them here, and I hope can too see some of the costumes from our members too!

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NoobMember15 XPMar-03-2021 11:50 PM

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