Blade Runner 9732, Deckard's Apartment Preview

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NoobMember0 XPSep-30-2014 2:36 AMHere is a short video preview of my Oculus based Blade Runner environment. Thanks for watching.
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2KAdmin4331 XPSep-30-2014 12:42 PMThanks Blackwheat!


NoobMember10 XPOct-01-2014 11:12 PMLots of goodies in Blackwheats http post. Thankyou for posting this. Here's a link to the awesome video. [url=]Blackwheat's Awesome video Link[/url]


NoobMember4 XPOct-02-2014 3:39 AM
smd_sm.gif ****tails_at_te_Ennis_House_by_SHAG.jpg ****tails at the Ennis House by SHAG

And on a related exterior-note, the Ennis House is hosting guided tours, once again. It was funny to read that shortly before it's sale to the current owner; the agent, and a potential buyer mulled over the idea of moving the entire house to Japan (2010).

Bonus Gallery:
image.gif 1924_01.jpg 1924_02.jpg 1924_03.jpg 1924_04.jpg 1924_05.jpg 1926_A_01.jpg 1926_A_02.jpg 1926_A_03.jpg 1926_A_04.jpg 1926_A_05.jpg 1926_A_06.jpg 1926_A_07.jpg 1926_B_01.jpg B_02_1941_Sijistan_palace_of_Persian_Hero.jpg 1926_B_02_1923plans.jpg 1926_B_03.jpg 1926_B_04_1923plans.jpg 1926_B_05_1923plans.jpg 1926_B_06_North_Elevation_Look_East.jpg Ennis_House_fireplace.jpgMovie_Prop_Pool_Horsey_1975.jpgennis_house_ext.jpgRoom_with_a_View.jpgennis_house_ext_entry.jpgHelmut_Netwon_1990t.jpg
Thanks Quentin!


Bonus links:
Ennis DVD3D
Minecraft Mod
Half-Life 2 Mod
A Sinister Feeling




2KMember2674 XPOct-03-2014 2:45 AMAwesome...the Ennis House is on my Bucket List!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


NoobMember0 XPOct-03-2014 6:23 AMWOW !! marvelous pictures !!!! Thanks :)


NoobMember0 XPOct-11-2014 4:10 AMHey SAWA, can you explain a bit more about the pictures you posted above? I saw the link about the house tour but that already ended but I wanted to know more about the story behind those awesome photos. Also, is there a link that you could provide that has all the black/white pictures so that I can share it with a friend? Otherwise I will have to click on each picture, copy the link and paste it to my compose email since I want to email it to a friend of mine. I click on the first picture which took me to a site and on the bottom it shows 1,2,3,4 that I can click on to see the other four photos. I am hoping there is just one link that has all the pictures without having to click on several links. THANKS! P.S. if possible but you don't have to, would you care to provide some small details about each photo so that I know which photo you are talking about? thanks!


NoobMember0 XPOct-14-2014 12:53 AMlovely house. FLW is my favorite architect and not just because of Blade Runner, his drawings were beautiful pieces of Art Deco and he made sure the buildings were in harmony with the nature surrounding them, natural sunlight was a big deal in his design. i bet many architects today can't say the same


NoobMember4 XPOct-19-2014 1:49 PM

Tetris, there is a photo-legend added to my previous posting. The white horse in the pool (21) is from the film The Day of the Locust (1975). Someone joked on the set that all the pool needed was a dead horse, and so the Set Director tossed one in for good measure (of course it's not real). And the model in the fashion photo-strip (25) is Barbara Leigh, photographed by Helmut Newton.

Turning_Japanese_by_SRS_Ennis_House_Interior.jpg Turning Japanese (Ennis House Interior) by SRS

The interior of the Ennis House wasn't available for BR, and so they came-up with an apartment set incorporating it's block pattern (using a casting). Ridley would return to shoot the interior space for Black Rain (1989). When It became cost-prohibitive to continue shooting in Japan; Ridley moved the production to Los Angeles. And he ended-up using a couple of unseen areas from BR locations to finish the picture.



Blade_Runner_Papercraft_Ennis_Cube_by_Andy_Moore.jpg Ennis Cube by Andy Moore

The Ennis House tours (obligatory) are part of a condition of the sale to the current owner. Also the same terms will be applied to any future owners; thus ensuring public access to this historic landmark property.

And you're all welcome.


Bonus links:
Metal Frame
Block Night-lite
CAD + 3DS Model


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