Why a Prequel hasmore potential than a sequel. Starring Robert Downy Jr.

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NoobMember0 XPOct-09-2013 10:47 PMIf you ever saw Pacific Rim, (which everyone saw lol) You would find that the first 10 minutes of the film was about how the world came together to set aside differences and to develop the Jaeger Program. What I love about this opening ten minutes is that there is so much opportunity to expand the universe within Pacific Rim if you do a prequel, instead of a sequel. Which apparently all famous movies now are doing prequels, such examples as the Hobbit. With a sequel highly unlikely, I only pray that Del Toro would take the time to listen to fans that a prequel would be more promising, because there are a lot more characters to explore and you could have better well known actors to play in the sequel to draw more crowds. After reading the prequel comic, in which you guys have read, there came across a reporter. Now I was thinking who would be a great actress to play the reporter if a prequel would be better suited. I was thinking that the reporter should be milla jovovich , as she looks to support the Jaeger program that it has more potential than the wall of life. And as for the inventor and the idea of the jaeger program would be played by Robert Downy Jr. Seeing that he is well known is the perfect role to play Jasper Schoenfeld. He is perfect because everyone knows him as iron man, so the dude who created the iron man suit also created the Jaegers. lol. He is basically the main focus in the movie. And as for Professor LightCap, have milla jovovich would be perfect to play her character! She is badass! And hot and could easily change her hair to blonde. Anyway, as for the prequel, we should start off with the first attack in San Francisco, with Tresspasser and the F22's trying to take it down and the point of perspective of the people running from the monster. We see Idris Elba's character Stacker talking to Luna, as she tries to save the day while fighting the Kaiju, as she gets killed by it's claws as seen in Pacific Rim opening. The Pan Pacific Defence Corps was later initiated and we see Stacker walking down the aile to ask anyone any ideas that would help humanity in this nightmare. As we see Robert Downy's character scrambling his notes and raises his hand, he says the word Jaeger. He shows the crowd his insane idea, as Robert's character says that it is the best and only option to protect ourselves. So we see the Jaegers being built as we see the new lines of defence. Robert's character and milla's character seeing their first test subject in the field horizon brave, and the first Jaeger failure. After about a week of testing they begin the second testing and milla's lightcap character helps the Jaeger pilot with the drift. They succeeded, and their first mission is in Vancouver, BC. (FINALLY WE HAVE A CANADIAN CITY IN A BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE!) The fight is the same style as Gipsy vs Otachi but with brawler yukon vs knarloff in the heart of Vancouver City. The world is in awe as they see hope! We eventually see Horizon Brave, Tacit Ronin, and Romeo Blue have some action. Tacit Ronin and Romeo blue get more screen time. So there is a lot of potential to be given in a prequel movie, because there are alot more stories to focus on and expand the universe! Oh and Cherno Alpha and Chrimson Typhoon get more screen time as well!


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NoobMember0 XPOct-10-2013 9:28 AM[quote][/quote]I like it, sounds pretty cool. Would be good to also see some more kaiju, i.e. more Trespasser and show us Meathead would be cool too. A couple more new designs to go with it. Another couple of Jaegers too, I'd like a British Jaeger, a Canadian Jaeger would be fun (Snow Camo!) and maybe an Italian or African Jaeger. I also like the idea of a middle-eastern one too.


NoobMember0 XPOct-10-2013 12:46 PMA prequel does have potential. But I don't see RDJ or Milla being used. ( you have Milla listed for 2 roles btw) Dr. Lightcap looks to be a bit mousy & maybe 5-10 yrs out of college. & Milla is decidedly NOT mousy and probably would ask to much for the role. RDJ. would be more expensive to cast unless he gets a really good contract for future payments. but Lacey Chabert might be good for the reporter. I don't think most audiences would be able to sit thru the creation of the PPDC & the Jaeger program. It would be seen but in more of the Flash back/forward shots. More like it would be a couple of battles in other parts of the world and a previous attempt to plug the breach that would fail. Sorry to be a bit of a Naysayer.
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