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MemberNoobSep-01-2013 1:05 AM
I noticed a drawing in a bladerunner art book of a cryo-crypt. I don't remember seeing any of this in the movie. I have heard that tyrell was in the crypt using it to prolong his life and was conscience (kinda like prometheus and peter weyalnd). It was suggested that tyrell was controlling a andriod from the crypt. Is any of this true
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Admin2KSep-01-2013 1:36 AM
If you take a look at this video from the do***entary "[url=]Dangerous Days[/url]" , Tyrell was supposed to be dead and and preserved in a pyramid crypt in another room while a replicant copy of himself interacted with the public. Click-->[url=]Eldon Tyrell from Blade Runner was supposed to be replicant[/url] *(Bonus: Here is the whole sketchbook you are talking about. I posted it awhile back. [url=]The Blade Runner Sketchbook.[/url]. At least I think it's the same one. )


MemberNoobSep-01-2013 3:59 AM
Thanks so much for that. Its a pity that they didn't film it. I think it would've made it abit more interesting.
"how do you feel?"-" great, next stupid question"


Admin2KSep-01-2013 1:24 PM
@pulserifle187; My pleasure! That link I posted goes to the full do***entary. IMO"Dangerous Days" is one of the best I have ever seen for any movie.


MemberNoobSep-02-2013 4:45 PM
[center][/center]As much as Ridley wanted this never filmed scene, & including Zhora's snake dance; I think the film turned-out for the better without them. I do like that the real Tyrell has to answer for being a terrible father. :O Maybe it's a matter of accountability, & in the cryo-scene there is none. Super-genius J.F. is simply a screw-up, & Tyrell was never really there to begin with. It minimizes both the characters of Tyrell, & Sebastian, to the point of why even care in the first-place. And far too much like the old [url=]Walt Disney hibernation urban legend[/url]. I think there are times, it's a good-thing for Ridley just to have to make do with less. A few constraints, helps one be a little more clever than they would've needed to be without them. ;) Rutger was fond of the cyro-version scene, too. [b]David Peoples[/b]: The cryonic-chamber sequence was one of the things Hampton hadn't wanted to write, I think. But Ridley really wanted that in. So what I came-up with was scene where Sebastian takes Roy into this huge frozen room, & you see the real Tyrell lying in state in a capsule. J.F. tells Roy Tyrell had suffered a fatal disease, so he'd had himself frozen to wait for a cure. Roy then tells Sebastian to wake him up. But J.F. breaks down, & confesses that he screwed-up somehow in the past, & accidentally killed the real Tyrell while the guy was in frozen suspension. Then Batty freaks out, & smears Sebastian all over the wall of this crypt. That's what I put-down on paper. But I'd had another idea for that scene, too. Instead of going with the cryogenics, I'd suggested that Roy would discover that Tyrell's brain had been transplanted into the body of a shark housed inside a giant aquarium, with all sorts of leads coming out of it. [b]Ridley Scott[/b]: When we set-out to make this film, we decided to make this a taboo-word. I may as well use the taboo-word because it's somehow ah ...the word is android. And I said anyone that uses the word android, gets their head broken with a baseball-bat. OK? Because it sets-up all kinds of preconceptions of the kind of film, it could be. Alright? And yet the word android is a man-made development, on let's say ...robot, bio-mechanoid The android may be human, that may actually be flesh n' blood, genetically structured ...OK? So we simply decided to not use the word, because it's been overused, & misused. And so we developed our own word, which is the word replicant. Which is essentially a human-being. Source: [url=]Convention Reel @ 10:15[/url] (Ridleyville set, 1981) And yes, Ridley certainly has been revisiting more than a few things, that he didn't get his way with in the past. And applied them to "Prometheus", also there is an issue with scope, that it needs multiple films to complete telling it's story. Whether that is a bad or good thing remains to be seen, & will just have to wait for "Paradise" to really want to think about it anymore. Thanks pulserifle187 + Svanya. ^_^ S:)


Admin2KSep-02-2013 7:26 PM
Thanks Sawa, I always wondered where and why that Urban Legend came to be. :)
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