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Which Death Star is in Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith?

Which Death Star is in Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith?

Scified2017-04-02 14:02:44
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The dreaded legacy of the Galactic Empire, the armored space station known as the Death Star was a dark symbol of power used by the Emperor to oppress the galaxy. It is known that the Emperor commissioned the construction of least two Death Stars during his brief rule, both of which were destroyed by the Rebel Alliance; one in orbit around Yavin, the other in orbit above the forest moon of Endor. It is known that construction on at least one of these Death Stars began in 19BBY, following the end of the Clone Wars. It is commonly believed that this was the first, smaller Death Star that was destroyed in the Battle of Yavin (0BBY), with the second, much larger Death Star that was destroyed in the Battle of Endor allegedly taking only 4 years (0BBY-4ABY), following the destruction of the first, to be constructed to operational capacity (Construction on the Death Star in orbit above the forest moon of Endor may not have been complete but the space station was fully operational).

When considering the incomplete Death Star is estimated as being a third larger than its predecessor, possessed a more powerful Kyber Crystal powered super-laser with a dramatically shorter recharge time, and required a shield array situated upon the forest moon of which it orbited is it really plausible that the Empire could build such a large space station in such a short timeframe compared to lengthy construction time of it's forebearer. Is it not more feasible that both Death Stars were constructed in unison, with systems for the one in orbit above the forest moon of Endor being developed pending the success or failure of systems developed and tested on the smaller Death Star. 

This would mean that while the smaller Death Star only took 20 years to be constructed, after 24 years the larger Death Star was still incomplete; as evidenced in the opening dialogue of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, whereby Darth Vader and Admiral Piett discuss the Emperors dissatisfaction that construction on the larger Death Star is not yet complete.

When considering the Emperors distrust of all of those around him, is it not possible that the Sith Lord foresaw Galen Erso's betrayal and Director Orson Krennics greed for power, and therefore assigned his most trusted naval officer, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, as commander of the smaller station, thus ensuring that his interpretation of the Sith Ultimate Weapon; the larger Death Star, was the most powerful it could be and his alone to control and use to spread fear across the galaxy.

Written by GavinPublished on 2017-04-02 14:02:44
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5 Fan responses to Which Death Star is in Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith?

Gee W

InitiateMember141 XPApr-04-2017 2:18 AM

That does make a lot of sense, good theory! Now who or what made Starkiller base? That thing is made out of a planet, no way the relatively small First Order could construct that thing.


ConversationalistMember1234 XPApr-04-2017 3:45 AM

I always thought the started building DS2 before DS1 was finished, however in Rogue 1 they had all sorts of issues which meant Crennic had to get Galen Erso back. And wasn't Erso secretly sabotaging things over the years to slow construction down.

Without those obstacles they could build a Death Star much faster.

Im Durp

InitiateMember478 XPApr-05-2017 4:11 PM

Since Tarkin is in the scene with the Death Star in RotS I'm tempted to say the death star we see getting built is the first one


NoobMember11 XPMay-06-2017 11:34 AM

I can't bring the name of the trilogy to mind, but it's the one with Grand Admiral Thrawn. In it there is a place called the "Maw" installation. It was an area of space nearly cut off from all other space by a cluster of black holes. The only way in or out was complicated series of quardinates. The "Maw" was a high security weapons r&d site. One of the more notable attractions was a death star superstructure housing only the prototype super-laser and, conveniently enough, warp engines (it gives a decent explanation for that, though). So, you wouldn't be lying if you said there were 3 death stars.

Im Durp

InitiateMember478 XPMay-12-2017 9:02 AM

^That's the jedi academy trilogy, it takes place a little after the Thrawn trilogy in the old legends cannon.


Unfortunately it's been retconned since so you have to go with the Death Star backstory from Rogue One and Rebels.

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