Watch the awesome Ready Player One trailer!
Scified2017-07-22 15:23:51
Written by Gavin6,493 Reads0 Comments2017-07-22 15:23:51

Quite frankly we here at Scified haven't really been keeping an eye on Steven Spielberg's forthcoming movie Ready Player One. Do not get us wrong we are all Spielberg fans, as most movie goers will no doubt be - his contribution to Hollywood and many of our childhoods is beyond measure, and most of his movies are guaranteed to be successful both commercially and critically. We just simply was unaware of what Ready Player One was, but we think after watching the following trailer any of you that are movie fans will, at the very least have your intrigue peaked...

Back to the Future DeLorean's racing against Tron Lightcycles, the A-Team van, and Mad Max's Interceptor, with appearances from the Iron Giant, Freddy Krueger, Deadpool holding hands with Harley Quinn, and countless others, the trailer asks "Are you ready?"... In short, we answer "HELL YES!"

Starring an ensemble cast of young stars including Tye Sheridan (Jurassic World), Olivia Cooke (Ouija), Ben Mendelsohn (Force the Awakens) and T. J. Miller (Deadpool), Ready Player One is an adaptation of Ernest Cline's (who co-wrote the movie with Eric Eason and Zak Penn) novel of the same name. Set in a dystopian future where people escape to a virtual reality network called the Oasis Wade Watts (Sheridan) searches for a hidden "Easter Egg" in the hope of winning a valuable fortune that will allow him to escape his impoverished life within "The Stacks".

Ready Player One hits theaters March 30th, 2018.

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