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 Top 10 Movies About Aliens

Top 10 Movies About Aliens

Scified2022-01-06 08:46:47
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Even if you are not a fan of conspiracy theories and do not think that there are flying saucers in Area 51, then you have probably seen at least one movie about aliens. The fact is that science fiction films became popular in the early 70s and are still very relevant. Humanity cannot yet carry out interstellar flights but dreams that contact extraterrestrial civilization. Thanks to science fiction films, you can see what aliens might be. So, here are the top ten movies that many movie fans will love.


  • Arrival (2016)


Arrival is not a classic sci-fi movie as there are no evil green aliens here. Instead, Denis Villeneuve, the chief director, has shifted the focus towards linguistics and games over time. According to the plot, groups of scientists need to unravel the alien language consisting of palindrome phrases written with circular symbols. You will probably be surprised at how aliens are portrayed in this film. Even though the film is only 116 minutes long, you will surely spend several days discussing plot twists with your friends. It makes sense to say to someone, "write my essay for me, please." If you are a student, you probably need to understand the plot tricks fully.


  • Alien (1979)


Surely no one thought that Ridley Scott's Alien would become one of the first and best science fiction horror films. Even now, many of the visuals, plot, and atmosphere are excellent. Could you imagine that mechanical models of aliens can cause fear even now? Sigourney Weaver, the leading actress, was another reason for the film's success. Her talent is as impeccable as the site. However, you should find this movie on the net and see it for yourself.


  • Aliens (1986)


And here is a sequel, which many consider even better than the original "Alien" film. James Cameron took over as director this time and did an incredible job. The film also tells the story of aliens, their intelligence, and their thirst for reproduction. This time the chamber horror has become even more ambitious, and you will surely be glad to see Ellen Ripley as a fighter who will stop at nothing.


  • Edge of Tomorrow (2014)


Edge of Tomorrow is an excellent example of an action movie that keeps audiences on their toes until the very end. The plot is based on aliens' war with people and on-time loops. In addition, Tom Cruise brought a lot of charm and great ideas to the story, so you will probably be interested in watching how humanity fought with an alien race. You should even take a day off, especially if you are a student and don't have much free time. Just tell someone, "write my term paper, please." The fact is that this particular film is a good example of how to use time loops and science fiction features to create a real masterpiece.


  • The Thing (1982)


And here is one of the cult science fiction films that every fan of the genre should watch. John Carpenter managed to film John W. Campbell's short story and perfectly convey the atmosphere of horror. According to the plot, polar explorers encounter an unearthly civilization hostile towards people. Aside from great storytelling and acting, you'll see quality visuals that look pretty good even now.


  • E.T. (1982)


If you want to abstract from horror films, E.T. movie is the best option. Steven Spielberg created a lovely atmosphere of friendship between a little boy and an alien. Surely you and your friends will get a lot of positive emotions while watching.


  • Starship Troopers (1997)


Starship Troopers is an excellent example of how to break the alien stereotypes. This movie is a good mix of drama, action movies, and even science fiction horror. The alien civilization of the Arachnids attacked the Earth, and now the Starship Troopers must strike back. You will surely be surprised by the visuals and the acting quality, even with the slightly naive plot.


  • Independence Day (1996)


Independence Day is a good summer blockbuster that looks good even now. According to the plot, an alien civilization is eager to destroy the Earth, and Will Smith, at the head of a squadron of fighters, must destroy the enemy mother base at any cost.


  • Pitch Black (2000)


You will surely be delighted with some plot twists and Vin Diesel, who still shows his acting talent. By the way, the fight scenes are plentiful here, so buy popcorn and cola ahead of time.


  • Men In Black (1997)


Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are sure to become some of the most recognizable actors after this n science fiction comedy film. Men In Black is a story about how the department controlling illegal space migrants saved the Earth from cockroach-like aliens. Such a movie is ideal for watching it with friends because you will surely have a great time.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2022-01-06 08:46:47
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