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The sports of the future depicted in well-known movies

The sports of the future depicted in well-known movies

Scified2021-11-18 11:22:52
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Science fiction writers and directors of box-office futuristic action movies, books, and series often mention future sports. It is noted in different appearances.

Often sports is the only entertainment for humanity that has survived a nuclear armageddon. Sports disciplines close to us evolve and change beyond recognition under the influence of invented technologies and the imagination of scriptwriters. However, the authors of the stories do not doubt that competitions in the future must exist.

This list contains some of the brightest examples of sports games in the future in well-known movies.

Real Steel (2011)

While most movies about sports set in the future are about abuse, violence, and destroying each other, "Real Steel" is the opposite of all of them. Here, humanity realized that it's not the way: brutality and harm against people don't have a place in sport. Plus, classic fights don't bring the former pleasure. There's no need to build a robot to build up an interest in our time, though. There are sites like bookmaker ratings with sports news and trusted gambling operators to bet on one of the fighters.

Therefore, in the future boxing, for example, massive robots are fighting remotely controlled by people instead of living athletes. It's their only function, and in the story of father-son bonding, Hugh Jackman shows his best.

Rollerball (1975)

According to Norman Jewison's adaptation of William Harrison's short story, "Roller Ball Murder," there are no wars and crimes in the future. A powerful mega-corporation creates a single sport, Rollerball, to drain anger, tension, and rage.

Athletes perform on the track, where they move on rollerblades and bikes and try to throw the ball into the target. Of course, the movie shows a dangerous and cruel game, where death is not uncommon but a metaphor for the state. The one is impotent against the force of a more influential organization.

The sports scenes in "Rollerball" are an action marvel: quick, well-edited, and reminding more of a gladiator's fights than fair competition.

Death Race 2000 (1975)

The film got to cinemas the same year as "Rollerball" and was an over-the-top B-movie emphasizing brutality. "Death Race 2000," tells the story of transcontinental car racing, the favorite pastime of a cruel and oppressive ruler.

In a race similar to the Roman chariots, the number of kills and destruction determines the winner.

Hunger Games (2012)

Unmerciful and deadly sports in a society where human life is not worth a penny is a foundation for a script for many science fiction movies from this list. Suzanne Collins' best-selling novel became a basis for Garry Ross's dystopian film, where two young men are forced to participate in the dangerous Hunger Games.

The brutal sport, which became a punishment for humanity for food riots, is broadcast on TV as a most popular show.

The Running Man (1987)

In his acclaimed role of Ben Richards, the Governator was falsely convicted and thrown into a gladiatorial fight of the future. The participants in the game are prisoners.

The movie was based on the book of the identical title by Stephen King and unfolds the unoptimistic prospects for the society of the future. Dictatorship, curfew, censorship: the only entertainment for the community is the brutal and deadly Running Man games show, aired on TV.


Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-11-18 11:22:52
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