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The Effects of Gaming on University Student Quiz Performance

The Effects of Gaming on University Student Quiz Performance

Scified2021-11-29 06:09:48
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With time, it has become prevalent amongst teachers as well as university professors to use competitive games from for increasing classroom engagement or university students’ quiz performance. Nonetheless, it is still unclear whether using games in the form of assessment tools is a feasible way for increasing the performance of students. Some studies test the impacts of administering a point-earning quiz through Kahoot, a game-based system. 

According to a study, the quiz results of fifty-six undergraduate students were evaluated. For comparing the scores of students, a linear regression was utilized. Again, their performance, too, was evaluated over the course of a fifteen-week semester. The fact is no remarkable difference in the scores was found, and the scores of quizzes in both conditions escalated similarly over time. 68% of the students preferred to answer the quiz privately, contrary to Kahoot.

The Intention of the Higher Education Institutions

Higher educational institutions focus on preparing future professionals, and for achieving this aim, they habitually use progressive teaching processes, and they include simulations and games. They become the subject of the paper. As the sphere of simulations and games is maturing incessantly, this paper tries to review literature that is relevant to simulation and games in higher education.

A couple of researchers work together to apply coding, qualitative method and synthesize the outcomes utilizing multiple criteria. The chief objective is to study the effect of simulations and games regarding accomplishing particular learning objectives. The results indicate that simulations and games leave an optimistic effect on learning goals. While combining games and simulations into the process of learning, the researchers recognized three learning outcomes and they are affective, cognitive, and behavioral. 

Lastly, the authors also consolidated proof for the profit of practitioners and academics in higher education who are interested in the effectual utilization of simulations and games for some pedagogical purposes, and this proof also proposes some potential pathways and options for future research.

Studying In the Form of Fun and Games 

Studying in the form of fun and games and impacts on the quiz performance. The participation of college students in some game activities was done with a motive to study course material on their succeeding quiz performance. Here, the game conditions were exchanged with another activity, and it was counterbalanced across a couple of students groups in some multielement design. The mean percentage that was correct on a quiz was higher at the time of game condition compared to a no-game condition. 

If college students prefer to devote their time to various online games weekly, then they suffer from bad learning capability, poor academic performance, concentration issues, and also lessened interactions with other individuals. 

The author of one research also carried on a questionnaire-based survey, and it was done to examine the number of hours that central Taiwan college students do spend on online games every week. This was done to find out their average involvement in these games daily. 

Utilizing balanced stratified sampling, the respondents of the survey were chosen for examining the weekly participation in online games amongst central Taiwan college students. They were split into low-, medium-, and lastly, high- involvement groups in some cluster analysis. The outcomes of the survey were examined through the use of a self-developed evaluation system, and it was based on response time and working memory.

A total of thirty-six college students, like twelve students from every low-involvement group, medium-involvement group, and high-involvement group, were selected randomly from the population for testing how involvement in an online game, display duration, and game-playing time impacted their working memory.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-11-29 06:09:48
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