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Sports Gambling is Evolving More Rapidly Than Expected

Sports Gambling is Evolving More Rapidly Than Expected

Scified2021-06-15 18:20:54
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Our cultural attitudes and beliefs are constantly changing in society. We continuously revisit ideas in the past to apply them to industries in the present. Almost every modern technology has stemmed from a sort of technology, or thought, that preceded it in some kind of way. 

Before there was the smartphone, there was the cell phone. Before the invention of the cell phone, there was the landline, and before that were dial-up phones and telegraphs. 

The sports industry has been embracing new technology in similar ways. The invention of the radio spread football information, news, and live updates all across Hungary to previously unreachable populations. Television and the internet furthered this change. 

Sports gambling is the newest continuation of this trend. It’s commonly known that Hungarians love to gamble online and are quite frankly obsessed with it. Many Hungarians spend a lot of time reading gaming references and sports gambling reviews and learning about casino news on sites like kaszinos jatekok.

Brief History of Gambling in Hungary

Gambling in Hungary, being banned until the Gambling Act of 1991, has relatively unique origins. For over 20 years after the legalisation of gambling in Hungary, the casino industry was only run and mandated by the national government. 

After pressure from the EU in 2013, Hungary pushed to legalise sports gambling and casino gambling online, allowing for more independent business control if the company paid licensing fees.

Sultés Szilvia, a Hungarian casino expert, notes that Hungary didn’t have its first land-based casino until 1827. She also stated that people did play cards and bet on horses before this but thought that the Hungarian culture might have taken longer to adopt gambling as a part of life.

Given this information, how the sports gambling industry is evolving in Hungary isn’t as simple as it seems. Hungarians have indeed gained an increased interest in sports gambling. However, widespread access to many betting sites is difficult.

The Modern Market

SZZT has a relative monopoly over the sports gambling market in Hungary. Sports gambling, unlike other industries, doesn’t strictly need competition. That being said, foreign companies have to pay around half a million Hungarian forint fees every five years to make their sites accessible on Hungarian servers. Many Hungarians decide to use SZZT for this reason or alternatively use a VPN to access other European betting sites - although it begins to get tricky when transferring real money.

How Does Sports Gambling Work?

We don’t want to give you the idea that sports gambling in Hungary is risky, nor are we  telling you that you have to go through a bunch of back channels to bet on the NB I. Sports gambling works on simple premises that are easy to follow both in-person and online. 

Bets can typically be placed online up to a week before matches and until the start of a game. Though it’s recommended that you place your bets on the earlier side if you have internet connection issues or if you’re a new user and have to fill out general verification requirements. 

Different teams have different spreads for sports betting and gambling depending on how favourable they are to win. Simply put, a spread determines the odds a team or athlete will win their respective sport. Betting for a team that has been winning recently will have a smaller spread will earn you less than betting on an underdog team where you incur more risk. 

Smart Betting

Doing research and looking at expert sports gambling reviews is essential for new betting enthusiasts. NB I fanatics should research on the weekends to prepare themselves with information to place bets for the weekday matches. 

It’s also advised that you make smaller bets before making big calls. Don’t be too surprised if it takes you a bit of time to create your betting strategy. Don’t be discouraged if your bets are not successful immediately; there’s an art to sports gambling.


The sports gambling industry is changing at immeasurable rates as it becomes adopted by a larger and larger international population. The sport of football isn’t going away any time soon, and neither is the industry devoted to those wanting to indulge in betting on the game.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-06-15 18:20:54
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