Sci-Fi Slots: The Top Alien-Themed Games You Can Enjoy

Sci-Fi Slots: The Top Alien-Themed Games You Can Enjoy

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One of the top themes in sci-fi is aliens. From little green invaders from outer space to small, molecule-sized monsters from different planets, they’ve been portrayed in all sorts of different ways in different kinds of media.

Today we’re going to take a more in-depth look at the top slots you can play featuring aliens. Maybe slot machines are not your thing? Simply click to read more and for a list of casinos full of action-packed live games.

Aliens in gaming and pop culture

Terrestrials from outer space have been a long-running thing in science fiction - starting as far back as the beginning of the 20th century. Aliens became a focus for many science fiction authors, but two of the biggest were H.P. Lovecraft as well as H.G. Wells. Works from these authors such as War of the Worlds and the whole Cthulhu mythos were huge hits during their time and helped drive the thought of aliens into popular culture.

As movies and television became more prominent around the world, films and TV series were produced that featured aliens heavily. The effects don’t really hold up today but at the time they captured minds and hearts. Then CGI came along and the whole alien genre exploded. 

You had the likes of cult classics - Star Wars, Alien, Men in Black and many, many more - all of which featured more life-like aliens. The popularity of these films paved the way for more alien-themed video games - which in turn helped create slot games with an extra-terrestrial twist.

Alien-themed slot games

Right, let’s get into some actual slot games! Here are the top alien-themed online slots any sci-fi nerd will have a great time on:

Invaders of the Rich Kind

If you’re after a spoofy slot game that kind of takes after the movie Mars Attacks, the Invader of the Rich Kind should be your go-to.

The main symbol on the reels to be looking out for is the alien head - which is actually kind of cute. This alien head acts as the wild for the game. Other symbols you have across the reels include a reporter, a ray gun, an army general and a newspaper that reads “Mars Attacks!”.

All in all, whilst it’s a bit silly and spoofy, the light-hearted nature of the game makes for easy playing - especially if you’re a fan of the more cheesy alien films a’la Mars Attacks and Evolution.

Space Robbers

We’ll be totally upfront with this one - Space Robbers is probably not going to win any awards for its name or its graphics. But it has its own unique charm and the features are actually pretty good.

The one thing that gets everybody who plays is the little space cadet man who stands next to the reels - when you take too long making a decision, he whips out a little banjo and starts playing. It’s little touches like this which give the game heart.

There’s a 5x4 reel set up and winning spins help to fill up your fuel counter. Filling this fuel counter up will have the game launch one of its bonus rounds, which are all themed nicely to tie into the space theme.


One of the most enchanting casino games around, Arcade is heavily inspired by the classic Space Invaders game, except with an added twist - it’s in slot machine form!

The graphics are incredible, and the visuals are ridiculously smooth. There are callbacks to different Sci-Fi legends - such as the reels being the monolith for 2001: A Space Odyssey and the soundtrack is wonderful. 

The game itself has a 5x3 reel set up with aliens and spaceships on the reels. You’ve also got 15 different pay lines. Add into that mix free spins bonuses, multipliers, Sticky Wilds and even a little minigame and what’s not to like?

Arrival - BetSoft

Possibly the most stylistic of the slots on this list, Arrival just oozes sci-fi. The whole screen is integrated within the theme - the controls are little spaceship monitors and you can see a little green alien at the consoles.

The slot even has a nifty little story. You’re an alien member of the galactic police, trying to stop a vicious robot army from taking over humanity. The reels have a Deathstar like structure symbol, cute alien side kicks, marines and your police badge.

The real kicker here is the little alien at the console. He utters quips and one-liners and some of them are actually pretty funny. In summary - a great alien-themed slot if you want to get immersed in the atmosphere and also have a little laugh.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2022-12-10 10:37:40
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