New Jurassic World Trailer, Movie Clips, Terminator Genisys TV Spots, Pacific Rim 2 Gets New Release Date & Independence Day 2 Begins Filming!

New Jurassic World Trailer, Movie Clips, Terminator Genisys TV Spots, Pacific Rim 2 Gets New Release Date & Independence Day 2 Begins Filming!

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This past week was all about sequels, with huge updates on films like Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim 2, this summer's upcoming Jurassic World, Roland Emmerich's Independence Day 2 as well as Blade Runner 2! In case you missed any of these exciting updates, we've got you covered with this week's re-cap!

Starting things off are the numerous updates seen on the Jurassic World marketing front. There's no contest, this past week belonged to Jurassic World. With having a new, full length trailer debut as well as a second movie clip, fans everywhere are still buzzing! The new trailer, titled the Jurassic World Global Trailer, gave us a new look at more chaotic Dinosaur mayhem as visitors were snatched up by Pteranodons, Raptors turned on their trainers and Dinosaurs began to communicate with eachother. Yeah, Jurassic World's light-hearted, welcoming atmosphere went from 0-100 real quick. There was just so much that happened in this new trailer, we went ahead and uploaded over 60 screencaps from the new footage, so you can analyze each cut-scene in more detail.

Following the new trailer, a second movie cip from Jurassic World debuted on the Ellen DeGeneres show, where the film's lead Chris Pratt was a guest star. The clip itself showed us the full scene where the park's Indominus Rex escapes its enclosure and nearly eats Chris Pratt in the process.

In addition to the new clips, three Jurassic World Electronic Press Kit promotional videos were also shared online, showing CGI renderings of the film's Indominus Rex, Velociraptors and Pteranodons. 

But wait, there's more... Yes, Universal Pictures also debuted some enticing new footage in an extended trailer at this year's CinemaCon as well! Those in attendance managed to jot some notes down and describe what they saw. Everyone who witnessed the new footage had only praise for the film, adding that this footage is what Universal should be showing - as it increased hype dramatically for those who may have been on the fence about the film beforehand. You can read a description of the scenes which were shown, here.

Wrapping up the Jurassic World news re-cap, we also got a glimpse of a low quality movie still, which reminded us of a very iconic scene from the first Jurassic Park. That can be viewed here as well!

New Terminator Genisys TV Spots Introduce The Genisys App!

Moving on we next have a few new Terminator Genisys TV Spots that made their way online! The new clips also gave us a glimpse at the film's new "Genisys" app, which had been mentioned in a script leak a few weeks prior. The app, which is the source of the film's title, is how SkyNET gains control of the world's technologyand turns it against us. Fans seem to have a mixed reaction to the idea, however the reasoning behind this approach works for the time that we live in today - there really is an app for everything, why not world domination? Seems legitimate enough.

Independence Day 2 Calls for 20 Elderly Albuquerque Locals as Extras!

Next up, we learned that Roland Emmerich and 20th Century Fox are currently filming scenes for the highly anticipated Independence Day sequel, in Albuquerque, New Mexico and that the film crew have hired 20 elderly locals to play roles in the film. Why 20 elderly locals? It's unclear and those chosen for roles had no idea either. Could the film include a scene where a residents building is attacked by the infamous ID4 Aliens? Or could these people be abduction victims who were taken away as children and brought back to Earth during this new invasion? We don't know yet, but what we do know is that Independence Day 2 isn't wasting any time! The ensemble cast is full of familiar faces like Jeff Goldblum, Vivica Fox, Judd Hirsche, Bill Pullman and Brent Spiner.

Pacific Rim 2 Release Date Pushed Back to August 2017!

Another sequel made some news headlines this week as well; Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim 2! Legendary Pictures announced that the sequel to the highly successful and massively enjoyed 2013 sci-fi blockbuster, Pacific Rim would be released under their new partnership with Universal Pictures and that the film's release date had been shifted from April, 2017 to August, 2017 to accomodate Universal's plans to release a new Fast & Furious film, Fast 8 during that initial month. A 4-month delay shouldn't hurt and will only give Zack Penn and Guillermo del Toro more time to polish and perfect this hypable sequel!

In related news, we learned that Warner Brothers have extended their partnership with IMAX Cinemas and revealed that the sequel to Gareth Edwards' Godzilla (2014) would once again be given the IMAX treatment, being digitally enhanced and designed for the highly immersive IMAX theater experience. Godzilla 2 hits theaters June 8th, 2018.

Wrapping things up, we also received word that Ryan Gosling is currently in-talks to star in the Blade Runner sequel, which will be driected by Denis Villeneuve, produced by Ridley Scott and will also star Harrison Ford once again. You can read all about it here.

These were only the high profile news headlines of this past week. Be sure to check out all the latest news on our posts feed and stay caught up on all your favorite upcoming films and games! Check back next week when we post another re-cap!

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