New 'Pacific Rim Uprising' and 'Venom' movie updates!

New 'Pacific Rim Uprising' and 'Venom' movie updates!

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Get caught up on the latest Pacific Rim Uprising and Venom movie updates this week! Both high profile blockbusters have seen a surge of updates recently as marketing ramps up for the Pacific Rim sequel and production gears up on the Spider-Man spin-off and this week's re-cap will cover them all for you!

Starting things off, we have the name and some unique plot details revealed for one of Pacific Rim Uprising's new Jaeger mechs. Officially named Obsidian Fury, we exclusively revealed a snippet of information regarding this Jaeger's bizarre behavior witnessed in the first Pacific Rim Uprising movie trailer. Reporting through our network site, we explained that Obsidian Fury is in fact a rogue Jaeger, one that proves to be one of the film's primary antagonists and a formidable opponent for our new band of heroes. We didn't want to completely spoil the reasoning for Obsidian's actions, but teased that it is the cause of the Jaeger's unique, new control system. Fans have since speculated that what we meant by this could be a new A.I. infrastructure which gets hacked, rogue Jaeger pilots, a Kaiju brain and many more potential scenarios.

Next up, we have a story which spread like wildefire upon its original publisbing - the potential reality of the Pacific Rim and Godzilla / Monsterverse cinematic universes eventually crossing paths...

Basically, director of Pacific Rim Uprising mentioned during an interview that the concept of the two movie monster franchises ever sharing the same screen would be one hell of a nerdgasm and something he thinks could actually work. Following his remarks, many outlets ran with his quotes as confirmation that Legendary, Universal and Warner Brothers were actually considering the idea. You can read the full report here.

Thankfully, DeKnight has been very open during the production of Pacific Rim 2 and continues to vet questions from fans on Twitter so when we reached out to him to see if studio executives were legitimately considering such a crossover, he was kind enough to clarify that the idea was and is purely theoretical at this moment:


That's of course not to say the two will never cross paths. But it does help ground us in reality for the time being.

Moving on to Sony's upcoming Venom movie, it was recently announced that Scott Haze and Reid Scott have joined the film's growing cast lineup. They will join Tom Hardy (who will portray Venom) and Jenny Slate. They are still casting.

The Venom movie will act as a separated thread within the Spider-Man universe, evolving as its own cinematic universe, separate of Marvel's MCU.

Venom fans were very pleased to know that Carnage will be the film's primary antagonist as well. Who will be cast to play Carnage has yet to be revealed, but we compiled a list of potential actors who could play the part, here.

As new casting additions are announced and plot details are released, we'll be sure to keep you updated!

Written by ChrisPublished on 2017-10-22 11:11:31
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