How Similar is Star Wars to the Real World?

How Similar is Star Wars to the Real World?

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The universe of Star Wars has graced the TV screens of fans all over the world, and has subsequently captured their imaginations, time and time again.

Indeed, it’s become a cultural phenomenon that has transcended generations; everyone from grandparents to ten-year-old children have become huge fans of the galaxy far, far away! 

But while the Star Wars galaxy may seem like a mysterious place with alien creatures and advanced technology, there are very apparent parallels between the galaxy and real life. 

We’ll explore the biggest similarities between Star Wars and our world in this article! 

Star Wars and everyday life: the biggest similarities

Dictators and power

Many of the world’s biggest issues are present because of power-hungry individuals. This is a theme that’s continued in the Star Wars galaxy; Emperor Palpatine is a dictator who rose to power through deception and manipulation and established a tyrannical regime over the galaxy.

This has been compared to real-life dictators such as Hitler or Napoleon. In fact, George Lucas has included distinct parallels to people like Julias Ceasar, which is portrayed in how he calls the galaxy “the republic” when it was in crisis. 

Viewers have noticed several comparisons to real-life tyrannical propaganda groups. For example, Nazi storm troopers were clearly what Star Wars storm troopers were modelled on: they have very similar outfits and mannerisms. It’s thought that the screenwriters portrayed this to help the viewers understand the extremity of evil more conclusively. 

Family and love

While families in Star Wars certainly bear some differences to us on planet Earth (not many dads in real world are Jedis), we still see some references to family and love in the galaxy. 

In fact, there are quite a few romances in Star Wars, including the relationship between Han Solo and Princess Leia, which culminates in a passionate kiss in The Empire Strikes Back. 

Another popular romance is the one between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala, which is tragically cut short due to Amidala’s belief that she can’t be with her protector.

That’s not to mention when Bail & Breha Organa adopted Leia and raised her as their own, which is something that you’ll often see in TV shows featuring humans too. 

Going all-in

Gambling’s one of the most popular activities in the Star Wars galaxy, and it’s fair to say that some people on planet Earth dabble in it too! 

One of the most famous gambling locations is the city of Canto Bight on the planet Cantonica, where wealthy and influential individuals come to enjoy high-stakes games and entertainment.

Characters would often try to learn how to beat slots at the Canto Casino of Cantonica, although the algorithms of the slot machines located in Vranki's Hotel and Casino were altered in such a way that winning was virtually impossible!


Just like us on planet Earth, many of Star Wars’ inhabitants follow a religion. Generally, these religions are dedicated to the Force, which is the energy that keeps the galaxy together. 

The two most common religions in Star Wars are Jedi and the Sith. Generally speaking, Jedi follow the good side of the Force and the Sith follow the dark side. Characters follow different sides of religions, occasionally swapping to the other one. 

Religions aren’t so clear-cut in the real world – people follow different schools of thought, and most religions have goodwill and charity at their core. However, the theme of following and practicing a religion is a thread that’s demonstrated in the TV show and in real life. 

The whole trilogy is based on the fall of Rome

There are some really interesting links between Star Wars and historical events – we’ve already discussed some of the connections to ruthless dictators above. However, one of the most fascinating real-world comparisons is the fact that the entire trilogy is based on the fall of Rome.

The main storyline depicts how the Galactic Republic slowly becomes less democratic, ultimately coming into control of a dictator. This is when the Galactic Empire is announced. Broadly, this is an allegory for how Rome lost its democracy and ultimately became the Roman Empire. 

Star Wars and real-world similarities: in conclusion!

It may be set in a galaxy far, far away…. But is it really so different after all? The writers of Star Wars have used common themes that we see both in our daily lives and in films and TV shows based on planet Earth to help viewers understand its society as much as possible. From family values and evil to basing on real-life historical events, all of these comparisons draw us in, helping us link with characters and enticing us to keep watching. 

Written by ChrisPublished on 2023-07-05 10:29:07
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