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Fan Film Friday - Knight Rider, the movie!

Fan Film Friday - Knight Rider, the movie!

Scified2015-10-30 12:55:23
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Up until now with Fan Film Friday we have been highlighting some of the more impressive movies made by fans but this week we are going to highlight something slightly different. Hollywood is currently in the hold of three movie trends, with the first obviously being that of the cinematic universes with the MCU, the DCCU, The X-Men CU and the Universal Monsters CU. The second movie trend sweeping over Hollywood is that of the Japanese invasion with movies like Pacific Rim, Godzilla and Edge of Tomorrow. The third and final movie trend is that of 80's Nostalgia which has thus far brought us movies such as Transformers, The A-Team and G.I. Joe; even Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy capitalized on the trend to become the surprise hit of last year. The 80's revival is far from over with a sequel to last years Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in production, with a possible Dino-Riders movie and a second attempt at bringing He-Man and the Masters of the Universe currently in development, and lets not forget Paul Feigs Ghostbusters.

Despite having less TV stations, less money and virtually no CGI, the 80's gave us some golden TV shows and movies. Saturday in particular was the day to spend in front of the TV with your wired remote control - in the morning we had cartoons and childrens shows like the Muppet Babies, The Racoons, Fragile Rock and many others, but it was in the afternoon that Saturday TV viewing got really good with shows like the aforementioned A-Team, Airwolf, Streethawk, Baywatch and one other called Knight Rider.

Created by Glen A. "Battlestar Galactica" Larson, Knight Rider was and still is a cult classic. Starring David Hasselhoff, the show, which first aired in 1982, followed the misadventures of Michael Knight and the artificially intelligent Pontiac Trans Am known as KITT (Knight Industries 2000). Betrayed and left for dead detective Michael Long was rescued and given a new identity by dying billionaire Wilton Knight, after he woke Michael Long took the surname Knight and honored Wiltons dying wish; that Michael become a force for good, a gentleman vigilante using KITT and the services of Flag, headed by British gentleman Devon Miles. With a truly iconic car, soundtrack and using the well used episodic template of the "wandering stranger" also used in shows such as the Incredible Hulk, Highway to Heaven, Airwolf and The A-team, Knight Rider became a classic, even in its own time.

While looking for a new movie to showcase for Fan Film Friday I came across the following trailer with over 4 million views. A fan made trailer that proposes a Knight Rider movie, using footage from the show mixed with footage from movies such as Die Hard 4.0 and Jack Reacher...

As fans of the original TV show we could get behind a Knight Rider movie starring Tom Cruise as Michael Knight, using the original Pontiac Trans Am, while possibly inferring that it is a continuaton of the original TV show with a cameo from Hasslehoff. Though Michael Bay does know how to film a car chase, a Knight Rider movie would need more heart and less superficial gloss, and although the trailer suggests Christopher McQuarrie for a possible director we instead suggest Doug Liman. Liman would make an awesome director for the movie, his work on the Bourne movies and Edge of Tomorrow being evidence enough of his suitability. The story could shadow that of the original TV show, with Cruises Michael Knight having been left for dead and subsequently given a new identity by the remnants of FLAG. Cast a good actor as the villain that ties Cruise character, his "death" and FLAG together in an unforeseen twist in the third act and I think fans and general move audiences would love this movie.

Written by GavinPublished on 2015-10-30 12:55:23
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