Fallout TV series will premier on Amazon sometime next year

Fallout TV series will premier on Amazon sometime next year

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Amazon Prime Video is filming a TV series adaptation to the popular Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game series.

Its being developed and written by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan.

It will be staring Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, Kyle MacLachian, Xelia Mendes-Jones, and Aaron Moten.

Todd Howard who was the Game Director of Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 from Bethesda Game Studios will serve as an executive producer for the series.

Not much is known about its plot but hopefully we will learn something soon in the future.

Written by XenotarisPublished on 2022-10-22 21:42:07
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14 Fan responses to Fallout TV series will premier on Amazon sometime next year


2KMember4204 XPOct-24-2022 4:36 PM

How do I update Articles?


2KMember4204 XPOct-24-2022 4:42 PM

There were screenshots on twitter but were sadly removed so far we that there is a super-duper mart, the show might take place in a Vault 32 (Vaults 1-50 are found on the western half of the united states) so this might take place closer to the original Fallout locale.

Cool Godzilla

2KMember2107 XPOct-24-2022 9:50 PM

I don't think we can update articles unless you are a staff and you can edit the Article.


2KMember4204 XPOct-24-2022 11:15 PM

Ah, this was my first published article on this site

Cool Godzilla

2KMember2107 XPOct-25-2022 8:37 PM

It is? Congrats! I made 1, but It wasn't accepted so I used the Topic Section to write it. https://www.scified.com/topic/51401

Cool Godzilla

2KMember2107 XPOct-25-2022 8:39 PM

It makes sense because yours is about movies so it is allowed.


2KMember4204 XPOct-25-2022 8:46 PM

I can't wait to watch this series, I played the Fallout 2 demo back in the early 00s but didn't get into Fallout until Fallout 3 back in '08. Been a huge Fallout fan ever since, I even went back and beat Fallout 1, still working on beating Fallout 2 and Tactics, New Vegas, 4, and 76. 


2KMember4204 XPOct-25-2022 8:46 PM

 I have also beaten Fallout 3 twice

Cool Godzilla

2KMember2107 XPOct-25-2022 11:11 PM

Fall Out 3 is a game right? 


2KMember4204 XPOct-26-2022 3:45 PM

Yes Fallout 3 is a game. Its technically the fifth game in its series. since you have Fallout (the original game), Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76


2KMember4204 XPOct-26-2022 3:52 PM

Fallout 76 isn't Fallout 5 btw its a prequel game. The 76 part is reference to America's 300th birthday and a reference to the player's starter area, Vault 76.


2KMember4204 XPOct-26-2022 4:35 PM

Something I forgot to mention in the article, since I assumed everyone played a Fallout game. Its a Science Fiction Role Playing Game that runs on 1950's sci-fi logic and is set after the whole world was nuked into oblivion. The games themselves take place after the Great War of 2077. The games span from 25-years to 210-years after the Great War. 

The games are about how one person can make a big difference in the wasteland. The United States of America as a civilization is gone. The survivors are trying their best to restore America to its pre-war days however there are others that wish the opposite and there are others that wish to make a better nation/civilization than the ones that came before. 

In addition to having to fight human raiders, mercenaries, and slavers. The player must face zombie-like Ghouls, green hulking Super Mutants, and genetically engineered horned bipedal reptiles called Deathclaws in addition to other mutants

Cool Godzilla

2KMember2107 XPOct-27-2022 2:55 AM

Oh OK, good luck!


2KMember4204 XPNov-02-2022 8:08 AM

Looks like power armor and nuka cola are going to be in this new TV series

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